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This guide focuses on quests’ description. You will find here both quests connected with main plot and sidequests. There are 98 of them in total. If a mission can. “drakensang 3”. “drakensang download”. “drakensang lösung”. “drakensang online”. “drakensang patch”. “Drakensang Online Hack Tool”. “Drakensang Hack . Welcome to our Drakensang: The River of Time walkthrough! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right and you will be brought to the.

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Both jewelry were made from the same material and Reuben place the archivist behind the Hesinde temple. He steals because he loves the challenge and the danger. The first task is to kill Yasmina, the pig herder. Explore further the cave for extra bandit badges and exit. Go to the fish merchant and receive some left over salmon. After a while he accept to give the carbuncel, but Molgorra show up and steal it.

Das Schwarze Auge – Drakensang (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

The culture of the Novadis and Tulamides can be roughly compared to Oriental cultures and combines a moneyed aristocracy and cultural richness with pure zest for life and a growing sympathy for Rastullah, although the majority of the Tulamides still adhere to the Twelvegod faith. Preparation for the Dragon quest: East of Three Pine an elf girl had been captured by an evil tree.

His preferred weapon is the dagger: Prince Arom will wait NW of Tallon untill you get the key needed to open the dwarf tower. Of course, mobs are difficult loesuny fight, so move around, changing enemies.

Speak with the maiden and the mayor, using your deeds as means to calm his fear and release the girl. I did it with 1 to sneak. The tomb is not far away, but she want the area cleared. Adventure Points will only increase, while Experience Points can be consumed in exchange for the increase of character specific attributes. Social skills are not her strong point. Feed the cat and follow. The young empress of the New Empire also bears the title of Queen of Kosh.


The Devious boat mercant: A penalty will be applied to any attempts to pick a lock made during this time. Along with Jast Gorsam of the Great River, Duke of the Northmarks, he is the last of the old guard of provincial lords and he is greatly valued for his unbreakable loyalty and clear morals. Versatile and faster with his sword, despite the rather limited combat moves available to the weapon. Is this ring magical?

Buy as soon possible spells and recipes from the witches or special melee abilities from Praios worshippers. The maximum spell prowess to which a hero can raise a certain spell, is limited: The king has vitality and a nasty spell damage, but Psychic focus and immunnity to lightning should be enough.

Many of these plants are used as basic materials in alchemy in order to brew rare and precious potions. Strong, dependable, but less versatile.

Detailed instruction – “drakensang lvl guide” – watch free

Find them over the city map and go down from the elevator to receive a piece of dirty, colourful material who belong to Salina – The scrap of cloth: Loot his body for a great short sword called Snip, open the chest and click on the desk to receive the book. This is the ability to make the right decisions without long deliberations and to assess people and situations quickly and correctly even without having access to all the facts and information.

Take the Dragon Eye for EP. Tell him to direct the anger toward the enemies, not against your people and receive the camp location. Yasmina need a proof of your alegiance.


Use plenty of potions and magic only to heal and summon new pets. Extinguish only 3, with the exception of the one on the right down corner as you face the barred metal door.

If you did the first side quest, he will give up and leave. If you catch them and start hinting at calling the guards they will accept the scolding and run. Kastan run away and let you fight 2 cultist plus his henchmen Finn. Xolgorax start telling about attacks of dragonling on the city.

Cast Fandango of Fireflies on Forgrim and use him as front line tank. Then I move to other proof like red hair, lice infestation, shards of ball and scrap of cloth.

Bandits, Orks, or even fouler creatures are said to lurk in the Blood Mountain castle ruins. Avoid the traps, open the hidden wall for a couple of weapon recipes. But witches are not the only sinister inhabitants of the Dark Wood.

As always target the shamans and let the footsoldiers to the guards. Take it, visit the house, ask about the closed door, etc.

There are 2 closed doors and 4 torch brackets. The close by effect is stopping the enemy in the battle and finishing him drakenssng you dust all the other critters. To the west, Elfland is bordered both by the territory of the infamous Thorwal with his belligerent and hard-drinking clans and by the mountain-ringed Orkland with its far-from-friendly inhabitants.