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Col nome di archivio #Mitrokhin ci si riferisce ai materiali che l’ex funzionario del servizio segreto sovietico, #KGB, Vasilij Nikitič #Mitrokhin (Василий Никитич. Italy Parliament Commissione parlamentare d’inchiesta concernente il “dossier Mitrokhin” e l’attività d’intelligence italiana. Overview. Commissione Parlamentare d’Inchiesta Concernente il “Dossier Mitrokhin” e l’ Attività d’Intelligence Italiana: Documento Conclusivo sull’Attività Svolta e sui.

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Spy in the s”.

Mitrokhin and his family to this country, together with his mittrokhin. Political history of Italy. A gripping read it ain’t. Mitrokhin, who was by that time the head of the Archives department, was assigned by the director of the First Directorate, Vladimir Kryuchkovwith the task of cataloging the documents and overseeing their orderly transfer to the new Headquarters. The weapons were delivered by the KGB vessel Kursograf. Retrieved from ” https: Andropov played a key role in crushing the Hungarian Revolution.

Mitrokhin made no attempt to contact any Western intelligence service during the Soviet Era.

When he defected to the United Kingdom in he brought the archive with him. After a further meeting one month later with representatives of MI6, operations followed to retrieve the 25, pages of files hidden in his house, covering operations from as far back as the s. The Committee also interviewed Mitrokhin, who told them that he was not content with the way the book was published, and that he felt he did not accomplish what he intended when writing the notes.

He also observed that “one finds it very difficult to believe” that Mitrokhin could have had access to the files and copied them, which should have been impossible if standard intelligence agency safety rules were followed. After these events, Andropov had a “Hungarian complex”:. According to the Corriere della Serathese interceptions demonstrated that Scaramella was in contact with Italian police agents, penitentiary police agents, and two CIA agents, one of them being Robert Seldon Ladyformer CIA station chief in Milan, indicted by prosecutor Armando Spataro for having coordinated the abduction of Abu Omar in in Milan, a case of extraordinary rendition which gave rise to the Imam Rapito affair.

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Ali Agca, as everyone knows, was a professional assassin. Michael Ledeena U. Scaramella, according to the interceptions, was to collect false witnesses among KGB refugees in Europe to support this aim.

Still, mutrokhin overall impact of this volume is convincing, though none of the material will send historians scurrying to rewrite their books. Inafter Mr. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dossier Mitrokhin (Rapporto Impedian 1995) SEGRETISSIMO

The provenance of this archive is itself a matter of some controversy. Many unsolved investigations have been closed; many earlier suspicions confirmed; and some names and reputations have been cleared. Webarchive template wayback links Vague or ambiguous geographic scope from July Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from Dossier Wikipedia articles needing clarification from July All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June The New York Times.

The Hungarian leaders were arrested and Nagy was executed. Vol 3, No In these interceptions, the two men also discussed plans to claim that Antonio Bassolinogovernor of the Campania region, was linked to the Camorra. The same applies to this second volume, which details Kremlin dirty tricks in the third world.

While The Sword and the Shield contains new information The individuals outed by Mitrokhin appear to be what he says they were, but mitrokhi care is generally taken to identify those who were unwitting dupes or, in many instances, uncooperative targets.

Pope John Paul II: Scholar Amy Knight stated that “the story of Mitrokhin’s defection According to a recently released document from the Mitrokhin Archive, entitled “KGB developments — Year “, Abbas apparently worked under the code name “Krotov”, starting early s.


The True Story of Soviet Science. The commission was shut down in without having developed any new concrete evidence beyond the original information in the Mitrokhin Archive.

This means that the attack was not his own initiative, it was someone else’s idea, someone else had commissioned him to carry it out. In West Germanythe KGB was said to have infiltrated the major political parties, the judiciary, and the police. Similarly, the story that the K.

Regarding the MI5 and MI6, Raman commented that “their interest seems to have been only in the publication of a book on the misdeeds of the KGB”, going so far as to suggest that “The Mitrokhin notes and the two books based on it written by Andrew are part of the MI6’s psywar against Russia”. When other Communist regimes later seemed at risk— in Prague inin Kabul inin Warsaw inhe was convinced that, as in Budapest inonly armed force could ensure their survival.

As there were no original KGB documents or copies of original documents, the material itself was of no direct evidential value, but it was of huge value for intelligence and investigative purposes. Speech in the European Parliament: House of Representatives, 26 Oct From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 23 June The investigation showed that Scaramella received some of his “information” from Alexander Litvinenko.

Mitrokhin Commission – Wikipedia

KGB in Europepp. The Economist reviewed the book as:. Reproduced in [1] Internet Archive copy. On Septembera work by two researchers DR. Also, the operational material matches western electronic intercepts and agent reports.