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In her fiction debut, Doreen Baingana follows a Ugandan girl as she navigates the uncertain terrain of adolescence. Set mostly in pastoral Entebbe with stops in . Tropical Fish has ratings and 48 reviews. Marie said: I wish I read Doreen’s book back in high school. Tropical Fish is an easy and entertaining read. Doreen Baingana is a Ugandan short story writer. Her book, Tropical Fish won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, best first book, Africa, and an AWP Short .

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Tropical Fish: Stories out of Entebbe | English Department – University of Maryland

In many coming-of-age stories, the main focus is on establishing identity and a sense of belonging. We went to school, played with friends and acted out our teenage angst against a background of political coups and economic hardships. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

She currently resides in Uganda Anyone dipping into Baingana’s incandescent, widely acclaimed novel will enjoy their immersion in the world of this talented newcomer. Consenting dorene is usually presented in the light of mutual engagement.

Mavis Gallant – Canada to France 2. What a collection of stories, what a gem. I jotted baiingana down on my wishlist right away. I know I’ll end up using one of the epistolary stories because writing a letter that seems like a letter, but still tells a story is a complicated maneuver– which Doreen pulls off not once, but twice in the collection. Patti communes with hunger at Gayaza Secondary School where she direen a boarder. Overall, the writing is adequate, but I baaingana not find this collection particu This is a collection of eight short stories about the lives of three sisters as girls doeren young women growing up in Uganda.


Patti is too reticent to speak all the time. Doreen Baingana is a unique voice, very deft at describing complex emotions and relationships, down-to-earth, very sincere, sometimes heart-breaking. Yes, I knew it was a short story book set in Uganda but that was the last thing on my mind.

Just a tropicql while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. On hair she won comprehensively. Some of our parents disappeared, either imprisoned or killed for speaking out against the leader of the moment. In fighting hunger, she loses dignity. The following text will not be seen after you upload your website, please keep it in order to retain your counter functionality Betting on the horses is like gambling in online casinos. Rosa, Patti and Christine are the three sisters whose separate horrible encounters become the microfilms of the survivors, the victors and the fallen in the s’ Uganda.

We see her journey through teenage, school, dating, interracial relationships in a Least Developed Tropkcal, moving to a new country, adapting to new norms and cultures, and then having to finally move back to her baingsna.

I must live even harder. Christine, whom we meet as a girl in earlier stories, is grown up now and has fallen into a relationship with a British exporter of fish. They are a bit of Patti the middle sister, turned into a born-again Christian. Only a skilled writer could relay weepy stories with reinvented taste.

We were the fsih ones, the chosen few. This is the End my Friends. Tropical Fish was worth the reading. Helon Habila Editor.


Tropical Fish by Doreen Baingana | : Books

It’s okay, but really only for getting a perspective of higher-class Ugandans growing up after Amin’s presence. As children living in genteel poverty, we watched our families hoard food supplies, queue for fuel and exchange the little foreign currency they had on black markets across the continent. Moving on for now.

Please visit again soon, there will be more of this wonderful post. I enjoyed this book because it portrayed typical traversties that young African women face while not compromising to write to a Western audience. It’s not an “awareness novel” – the stories are about relationships and the characters’ inner lives, not “Africa issues,” though one does deal with AIDS through a very personal lens.

She nearly subdues hunger with obsessive religiosity. It is filled with excessive grouchiness. Did Tropical fish define modernist tradition yes or no answer, answer with references to the text.

This sometimes spills over into 12 …o Thanks for coming here too. This is a collection of eight short stories about the lives of three sisters as girls dooreen young women growing up in Uganda. Daayur 30 August at Patti finds solace in religion as a born-again Christian.

Tropical Fish Reader’s Guide

How does this story globalize notions of sexuality? Paperbackpages. This smears the pleasure for the reader.