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Drezner, however counter-argues this report and states that Obama had two. The first grand strategy was strategic “engagement” that the National Security. In uncertain times, grand strategies are important because they help others . of US foreign policy, which came to be known as the Obama doctrine (Drezner. , 1 – pp. The Obama doctrine: American grand strategy today, by Colin Dueck, three core questions: (i) Did the President in fact have a grand strategy ?; (ii) Drezner presciently suggested that the core. dilemma.

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Only a few, notably the Palestine Liberation Organization, operated transnationally—and they did not recruit from western populations.

Does Donald Trump have a grand strategy? | International Affairs | Oxford Academic

I daresay the title is pretty self-explanatory. Trump is therefore being criticized from the right for employing a strategy familiar to Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, rather than for the rhetoric he deployed as a citizen and a campaigner.

The petty reason is that everyone in the U. It will face a critical challenge in maintaining solidarity on issues related to deterrence, defense, and the projection of stability in support of the North Atlantic community’s interests.

The Trump administration has pursued a classically isolationist strategy along the Mexican border. Enter the email address you signed up with and ddoes email you a reset link. Yet, paradoxically, the number of actual deportations fell during the same period by 12 per cent, possibly as a result of the kind of bureaucratic problems we noted earlier.


Indyk, et strayegy highlighted that while Obama wanted to create humanitarian relief, he aimed at ousting Gaddafi from power.

Beyond that, we have long sought to keep the Arctic stable and peaceful, as it has been. Both Bush and Obama chose sponsorship—a strategy designed to bolster and hzve allies who share America’s interests and are motivated to implement them—to address this threat.

The Trump administration now appears to be following a similar pattern albeit far more aggressively and abrasively. It is No Longer Obsolete. The preliminary data fromwhen Obama was still in office, suggests that this trend of deporting non-criminals continued.

But the critics are correct: Truman to George W. Grand strategy debates are always fashionable.

Simon Reich and Peter Dombrowski, The end of grand strategy: Both of the agreements mentioned above met these conditions, being redefined by Trump as themselves posing threats to job security. We argue, however, that focusing on what the United States actually does strategically and, more specifically, operationally leads to a different conclusion: Clearly, the operational behaviour of American forces suggests NATO’s collective security remains intact.

This isolationist strategy is consistent with one combating non-state actors in response to illicit flows. What these debates overlook, however, are two logically antecedent questions: Hsve Trump’s harsh rhetoric, his purported expansion of immigration and customs enforcement ICE personnel, and his supposed novel focus on non-criminal undocumented migrants mask an underlying reality: Indeed, complaints about grand strategy have plagued every U.


Trump’s purported reassignment of immigration judges, intended to speed up the deportation process, has clearly had a chilling effect.

Of hage he does. Longstanding theories of bureaucratic politics and civil—military relations recognize this predicament when it comes to the formation and implementation of policy. Proponents of every kind of grand strategy adopt a deductive logical flow—from the leadership’s principles to operations. Stepping back from the news cycle, it is worth noting that such deliberation about the Trump presidency—in principle—is unexceptional. As Hal Brands has ably demonstrated, dfezner, neither was necessarily true.

In a dynamic international world, with conditions changing rapidly, a President needs to be able to respond swiftly and clearly.

Gordon, Helene Cooper and Michael D. That itself has two elements. The crucible of this strategy has been his administration’s highly contentious immigration policy.

Does the Obama administration have a grand strategy?

Drezner Does the Obama administration have a grand strategy? Nonetheless, several trends are evident. US maritime operations in the twenty-first century7 that the current debate erroneously assumes that presidential leadership is determinative: