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Introduction. Coningsby, or The New Generation (), is the first of the trilogy of novels that deal with the political condition of early Victorian. Coningsby, or, The New Generation has ratings and 12 reviews. Bob said: Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Disraeli’s Sybil, (you can find my observa. Coningsby [Benjamin Disraeli, Disraeli Benjamin Disraeli, Benjamin Disraeli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Henry Coningsby is the.

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As Coningsby grows up he begins to develop his own liberal political views, and falls in love with Oswald’s sister Edith. We owe the English peerage to three sources: You have to wade through rather a lot of Disraeli’s specific analysis of British politics and general theories of history, and in this book, with one of the protagonists a Jew, the 19th century theories of race can be a bit tough going – but the actual plot, in which the hero honorably gets the girl, is quite straight-forwardly enjoyable.

By the end of the novel Coningsby is elected to Parliament for his new father-in-law’s constituency and his fortune is restored. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


The Arch-Mediocrity had himself some glimmering traditions of political science. Here is is talking about a Jewish character: After recently reading ‘The Lion and the Unicorn’, I thought it was about time I tried one of Disraeli’s own novels – and what a pleasant read it has been. Meanwhile, her father finds out that he was cut xoningsby Monmouth’s will on account of his love for Edith and so at the forthcoming election he stands down as a candidate in favour of Coningsby who, without being aware of his candidacy, handsomely defeats Rigby at the ensuing election.


Coningsby novel by Disraeli. More broadly, the fun of the book is that it is a spirited and erudite rebuttal to many of the tenants of comingsby history” that have now become xisraeli the only conventional view.

And the cotton you have observed in its rude state, that you have seen the silent spinner change into thread, and the bustling weaver convert into cloth, you may now watch as in a moment it is tinted with beautiful colours, or printed with fanciful patterns. In the next three months three more editions were printed. He portrays the self-serving politician in the character of Rigby based on John Wilson Croker and the malicious party insiders in the characters of Taper and Tadpole.

Coningsby, or, The New Generation

He called for the creation of a new aristocracy of merit that would abandon the laissez-faire mentality and become responsible patrons and protectors of their employees.

On his death, Coningsby is left penniless, and is forced to work for his living. Guests are also dazzled by the arrival of the man Coningsby met in the inn, Sidonia an ardent Jewish nationalistwho also impresses Princess Lucretia, who was being lined up by her step mother, Madame Colonna, as a potential wife for Coningsby.

This proof of his character impresses Edith’s father who had previously also been hostile and he consents to their marriage at last. But I go to facts. In Coningsby Disraeli articulates a “Tory interpretation” of history to combat the “accepted [Whig] orthodoxy of the day”.

Of those twenty-nine not five remain, and they, as the Howards for instance, are not Norman nobility. Dangermousie rated it really liked it Oct 13, Conigsby would be dsiraeli if not for two things — 1 The author was a well-connected MP and does a great deal of telling and showing about political practice of the s and 40s.


Coningsby replies that he would like to be a great man, too, so that he could contribute coningsbg the welfare of the country. Why did Disraeli the novelist think that his readers would be so interested in mid 19th century English politics? He wants to be part of the new generation of the reform-minded aristocracy.

Coningsby, or, The New Generation by Benjamin Disraeli

His most significant political achievements are the Reform Act, in which he was instrumental, and the creation of the modern Conservative Party, with which he is credited. Thanks for telling us about the problem. But in alternative he casts up a romantic vision disrzeli aristocracy, ludicrously out of date, and a general sentiment in favor of vigorous government.

The reading public interpreted the novel as a political manifesto of this group and of Disraeli himself. Cooningsby questions the ancient lineage of contemporary peers.

Anyway, wonderful novel incorporating Disraeli’s ideas for a more perfect society. Above all, Coningsby is a tribute to a political group called Young England, which hoped for an alliance of the nobility and the common people.

What sets Disraeli apart from other novelists of his time is his ability to imbue even the most cerebral points with a degree of wit and good humour. But without the horrible tragedy. Coningsby follows the fortunes of Harry Coningsby, the orphaned grandson Certainly Manchester disraell the most wonderful city of modern times! That is, the Jews are great because racially pure — unlike the English, who are a mix of Saxon and Norman.