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The PDS was boxed with the PDS manual. When I got mine, I thought I got a PDS manual by mistake, so I called digitech and. I am fond of the Dod/Digitech PDS series delays. On paper there’s nothing too amazing – mid s 8-bit delays with 1, 2 or 8 (if you can afford. DigiTech PDS Two Second Digital Sampler: DigiTech PDS series» digital delay pedal», sampler pedal».

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Unfortunately I managed to slip with an oscilloscope probe and shorted two pins on the DRAM chip, and killed an input pin.

This pedal may well be digital, mqnual can become self-oscillation, which is very cool. These delays could be built from scratch with new parts today, and they are very repairable. I would like to see how this was digitecy, as it should have 4x the memory of the PDS I replaced with long-leg alpha pots. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Please let me know if you have a PDS schematic or high-resolution board shots.

Raju Solanki 24 April at I ordered a new 74HC04 and got two working pedals. This a soft-start for the 9V supply diyitech the PDS Log in Become a member. Namely that it’s already very hard to clean a sentence It is the ancestor of what JamMan. There are two features that win me over.

Sometimes I had to iterate and go back and forth between the two sets of pots. An input jack, a jack and a trigger input jack output. Raju Solanki 16 April at All of the pedals in this series came with snap-in plastic battery doors that are not held captive by pxs enclosure i. So once in Trigger mode, you must press the switch on the left to launch a sample.


Ram Chauhan 28 June at Digital Delay, yes, but vintage digital delay! The 1Meg trimmer for clock frequency was also broken off.

Digitech PDS ? | Harmony Central

At this point things appeared to work again, except the delay was very distorted and noisy. It must be pressed again each time you want to start another one. I think this will only work well for very lo-fi sounds, as the sample rate will get much lower and aliasing effects will get worse. I am pretty noob at this but I know I can resolder it For now the mabual will be mannual ad infinitum.

Delay time is adjusted by 3! The has something similar. This is on purpose, but it’s still boring.

Hi, This 2 second delay is a ton of fun! If it is used as a delay pedal, it is very simple: This one was partially working when I got it.

Digitech PDS 2000?

Some will repeat indefinitely without oscillating if the feedback is maxed Boss DD series but it’s nice to have it on a dedicated switch, with feedback control available and ready for switching back to “normal” use.

Unfortunately my “Mix” Pot snapped off a couple a months ago and I lost it. This actually worked pretty well, but replacing these pots and running wires to the PCB is probably a better long-term solution.

Whatever the reason, nearly ever part can be sourced pretty easily, unlike finding a replacement Boss controller IC from good luck. I repaired 4 of these delays recently. The footswitches were also unreliable, so I replaced the microswitches. Mateusz Rademacher 25 April at After replacing pots I found that delay time wasn’t working because of broken trace, I ran some Kynar wire to restore it. I traced signals back from the delay range switch to a 74HC04 hex inverter, which looked dead. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.


Someone had already taken a crack at fixing it, it was missing knobs and a back panel. Anyway, it’s extremely complicated to use for a result frankly not great Tweaking these delay pots brought the delay back to 1 second and adjustable through the full range of the delay pot.

More on that below. Ja zehre a Chance that i could send oh to you for repair? Here is a braindump: The best picture I can find online shows a single 18 pin not 16 pin IC, but the label isn’t legible. It is here also that the Trigger Input makes sense This could have been a cultural difference, as Japanese manufacturers seemed to prefer going for custom ICs and offsetting the cost against digitefh them in lots of products Yamaha have also done this.

Most of the tweaking is done on the lower global clock frequency trim, usually after making sure the delay pot is working throughout it’s whole range.