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Diary of a Nobody is near perfect as a piece of English comedy, its humor gentle and subtle, its depiction of character, class, time and location flawless. It fixes. : The Diary of a Nobody (): George Grossmith: Books. Aug 26, Channelling a razor-sharp satire through the everyday mishaps of the immortal comic character Mr Pooter, George and Weedon Grossmith’s.

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I snickered, neglecting to tell him about our vagina transplant. Lupin is sacked from Perkupps for persuading their top client, Mr Crowbillion, to take his business to another firm.

Appearances are important to them, not only for his work but for geogge standing in the community. In —81 Christopher Matthew produced three volumes of diaries recording the daily life of “Simon Crisp”, a bachelor would-be man-about town of the era. Anthony Hartley, writing in The Spectatorclassed this diar as “fair-to-middling”, with sympathetic performances from the principals: Jul 19, Jaksen rated it liked it.

Pooter shared his experiences and pitfalls with common home improvement projects.

Retrieved 5 July One is torn between feeling desperately sorry for Mr Pooter and recognising that we can nkbody be impossibly pompous and self-important at times and laughing out loud at the many slights and injuries he receives at the hands of tradesmen and his fellow clerks. The more middle-aged he frossmith, says Morton, the more he resembles Pooter.

My second thought was that the novel obviously is sarcastic, making fun of this need. Retrieved 7 July Pooter, a typical, suburban, middle-class Englishman written in the late s.

The Diary of a Nobody – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 10 September Slavishly devoted to his employer, Mr. He writes in the introduction as follows: Gilbert and Sullivan Discography. That is not new, and our technology simply makes it easier to reach outside our own community. The ending diarry also clearly an attempt at coherency which the story was never supposed to have. There are no babies swapped at birth in this story though.


The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith

The Pooters receive an invitation to a ball given by the East Acton Rifle Brigade, which they imagine will be a glittering occasion. Mar 30, Ivy H rated it it was ok Shelves: By the younger George Grossmith had established himself as a comic piano sketch entertainer in provincial institutes and literary societies.

He died in Pooter’s worries about his son Lupin’s future could be seen as a reflection of a greater concern about security and expectations for the middle-class workers and their families if the rigidity of the old-fashioned methods gives way, while Lupin’s attitudes point up the impatience of the rising generation with the adherence to outmoded ideas and practices.

I enjoyed the deadpan humor, and my enjoyment was enhanced by the splendid narration of the book by Martin Clifton. He continued his career on the stage with considerable success untilmaking his name playing roles he described as “cowards, cads and snobs”, and as browbeaten small men under the thumb of authority.

His son, Lupin – who was born William, but prefers ‘Lupin,’ for reasons never explained – is a kind of ‘ne’r do well,’ always looking for a way to make a fast buck. Nevertheless, in her honour the Pooters give a large dinner-party, to which Pooter invites Mr Perkupp. Well not exactly, this is a satire on being ordinary.

The Diary of a Nobody

He wrote several plays, of which The Night of the Party was his most successful, and from was engaged in the management of two West End theatres. What are kids coming to these – those – days? I never was so immensely tickled by anything Grossmigh have ever said before.

The Diary records the daily events in the lives of trossmith London clerk, Charles Pooterhis wife Carrie, his son William Lupin, and numerous friends and acquaintances over a period of 15 months. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The boy is interested in amateur dramatics and joins an organisation called the “Holloway Comedians”.


The first adaptation for screen was Ken Russell ‘s short 40 minutes film for gelrge BBC film unit in Wikimedia Commons has media related to Diary of a Nobody. This the humour of an in-egalitarian society, jokes turn on the snobbishness and angst of middle-class Victorian life, for example Pooter is extremely satisfied to be invited to a fancy event and extremely dissatisfied when he finds one of his neighbours – who in his eyes is only a tradesman – is also there.

View all 34 comments. Views Read Edit View history. The New York Times critic wrote that it “captures neatly the way modern women teeter between ‘I am woman’ independence and a pathetic girlie desire to be all things to all men.

Jul 26, Tenzin rated it it was amazing. View all 6 comments.

The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith and Weedon Grossmith

In its review of the book’s fourth edition, published inThe Bookman observed that the book was trossmith a firm favourite with the public. When I was 12 years old our teacher of ESL registered us with a pen-pal service and we were randomly assigned the address of a kid more or less our age from another part of the world. As it is, he simply writes down the minute by grosmsith of his event-less life.

There’s barely a story to this.

However, in Pooter’s eyes the situation is redeemed when Mr Perkupp offers Lupin a clerkship.