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Shop Starbox f not available for. Colour: Starbox f Click to open expanded view. RELATED VIDEOS; ° VIEW; IMAGES. Starbox f by DELTA DORE. DELTA DORE STARBOX F03 CPL: user reviews, tests and trials, features, DELTA DORE STARBOX F03 CPL price comparison. LARS DELTA DORE STARBOX F Controllers» Intelligent thermostats and units». LARS DELTA DORE STARBOX F03 Zoom image.

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DHW hot water tankHeating, Other uses.

Thermostats and electric heating control – Delta Dore

For others, my heaters are now driven since 2 days by my RFbee connected to Raspberry pi My Deltia emmitter is turned off in manual mode Python Planning script is working fine.

Sets the minutes Press and release: The unit goes to the next zone. Before buying anything, I would suggest you to first catch messages from your Deltia device and post them here. Sets the day H button: You possibly have 2 ways to command Heaters with TyDom Interresting variable is v4 that can take a value from 1 to 30 and seem’s to impact several other variables. Only tested devices are Deltia 1. Heating ff03 Press or to select the zone.

Functions performed 9 Shutting down or staebox the heating Products connected on the bus To shut down and restart the heating without switching off the hot water tank or the control systems. Your heating comes on before the programmed time.


If some stqrbox you have a RFBee or a similar device, you can associate your heaters with my values. I don’t know if this code will help.

Electric heating control

I Should be able to tell you if it’s something near to what I have for my heaters or something totaly different. Heating shut down Important: You can r03 messages and send them with RFbee if you have such a remote – Simulate a X2D Alaram device but if you don’t have such a device, it will be hard to get messages.

Heating anticipation must have been programmed by the installer when the energy manager was put into service. Wifi modules are also a good solution, you can find some for about 5 Euro in china and you will be able to plug an USB dongle directly on Raspberry Pi. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. When you exit this mode, the zone will operate at the last set-point entered. There are 6 program steps per day. From the programming mode.

In this case your Deltia 8. I’ll have to see if there is an interest to program Heaters 15 minutes by 15 minutes or less. Without the stick, you will have to associates your heaters with my settings and your Tydom will not be able to strabox Heaters unless Deltia receivers accept to be associated with 2 “houses”until they are associated drlta Tydom again.


Check your circuit breaker, the connection between the two units, or contact your installer. You can only access the consumption type indicators: The word “HEAT” is flashing.

The red LED at the top of the unit is flashing. Repeat the steps to set the month and day. There is a mains outage or a problem with the connection between the technical unit and the room unit.

Missing message is “Test”. Switching on the hot water tank Comfort override for zone 1 ON override for control system A 8 Long absence When you are absent for a long period unspecified or set from 1 to 99 days: Lifestyle 1 Control system programmed 5 Setting the temperatures 6 Routine use 5. So, the idea was delra put wireless temperature sensors in each room e. Return to automatic operation.

Did you observe the same? DVB-T stick will be used to catch messages that your Deltia 8.

User guide STARBOX F03

But don’t expect too much, it’s not clear about what can be done. You may use my own message, but f033 this case you will have to associate your receiver with my values.

Control systems Press A D to select the control system. Start of Operation period OR: The control system display is flashing.