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La broma infinita has ratings and reviews. Fabian said: Anybody who completes Infinite Jest automatically receives a medal. Really. Just r. La broma infinita has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: I should have hated this book. pages of small text with loooooonnnnggggg paragr. La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Then things improved dramatically, and for the next pages, DFW had Hmm. So I did what I imagined any intelligent person would do—I started stalking their reviews. Half the daavid was Don’s roster in his comatose state. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat This is where I was sold into making this my next read: The paraplegic assassins Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents are a wackier detour—like a cross between The Simpsons and like Ingmar Bergman—and for me, comprise the boring boggy bits where DFW wields banality as part of his grand stratagem for reinventing the novel.

La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace. The writing was more focused, there was something approximating a decent story arc. And yeah I did get a really solid one sided view on some of these issues but I really think there was enough room in this book for both sides. While other separatist groups are willing to settle for nationhood, the A. After a while, I just picked Infinite Jest from my bookshelf, which I didn’t remember about and wasn’t even considering at all since it had been there for a year, abandone I remember the day I started reading Infinite Jest ; it was a Sunday, a lazy one; I was trying fostet pick wllace light, new book for my next read, but my options narrow as they were all books that required much from me as a reader, books considered tough, dense books; but I had to pick one, pa I didn’t feel like re-reading anything.

However, in spite of the fact that, yes, Jest does leave a bunch of loose ends and that, yes, I was moved to throw the book against the wall as a way of dealing with the sense of injustice at what I would then have called Foster Wallace’s abdication of his responsibilities to his audience I didn’t throw the book for fear that the impact of the tome would simply have shattered my rare collection of antique porcelain mice I’m just kidding, I’m incredibly poor but seriously, the book is fucking enormousthat rage was calmed quickly by some ensuing thoughts: David Foster Wallace worked surprising turns on nearly everything: Only one miner’s son ever disgracefully failed to jump—Bernard Wayne, who may be related to E.

It will, however, stick with me. View all 6 comments. And you know, I learned that I actually want to go back and see if maybe Gaddis and I just needed a break. The Kindle allows you to just press on the unknown word to get a definition. The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement.


How is it that my reading experience differed so dramatically from the Gang? The things that stick out are the sordid details: The important thing here is that I feel incapable of reviewing Infinite Jest without comparing it to a few films hopefully ones that you’ve heard of, and if you haven’t, you should seriously considering adding them to your Netflix queue eallace whatever.

La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace (3 star ratings)

A friend once told me that the only appropriate response to a person who calls you or your work “genius” is to calmly and clearly enunciate the words “go fuck yourself. I forgive him for being a misogynist. The other thing that Wallace says I find interesting is that art is about loneliness and conversation between human beings. Which is about the end of the world, but is mostly about depression, which is paradoxically useful when there really isn’t any hope anymore.

The novel touches on many topics, including addiction to drugs, but also to sex and famewithdrawal, recovery, death, family relationships, absent or dead parents, mental health, suicide, sadness, entertainment, film theory, media theory, linguistics, science, Quebec separatism, national identity, and tennis as a metaphysical activity.

Okay now what I actually thought I was going to talk about when it comes to the conversations this book attempts is that as far as the ones I am interested in they felt extremely one sided. And I guess Wallace succeeded sort of I kept reading the book. I started with good will but gradually slowed down and became distracted, took time out to read first one different book, then another.

An alcoholic, wraith and physically deformed person are among the few who believe in the value of making lives better. I won’t tell you. The Year of Excessive Excess So what else bugs you? To me, whether DFW tied the remaining strands of the plot together and let’s face it, he just let them hang; perhaps because he was just more focused on the internal ijfinita of his cast, yes, but please don’t make the argument that this is some post-modern work of blah blah blah – he just fucking let the plot float awayhe certainly reached out and borma me closer to some incredibly human figures I’m crying as I write this.

Three things in my life that have wallaace my greatest achievements that have required the most energy and dedication: Um yeah so hmm. DFW wanted to write something sad.

Gargantuan, at times unbearable, fascinating, hilarious and ocassionally boring, David Foster Wallace is unquestionable scientist of language. If I could give the book one or two stars for my personal enjoyment, and five stars for the quality of the prose — that would be swell.


Infinite Jest was marketed heavily, and Wallace had to adapt to being a public daavid.

Two months of my time, and all for naught? Ennet House lies directly downhill from E.

La broma infinita

The footnotes quickly became an additional source of annoyance. Like hey look suicide, and then I was left to sit down and think through suicide myself. IJ is a bloated novel, sure–I didn’t need that detailed description of the tennis academyand the vocabulary comes off as intellectual masturbation, but it’s high points make it a worthwhile read.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. ravid

Infinite Jest – Wikipedia

I enjoyed the AA meetings the most, with the sequence of 1. I really struggled with how to rate this one, too. Some early reviews, such as Michiko Kakutani ‘s in The New York Timeswere mixed, recognizing the inventiveness of the writing but criticizing the length and plot.

Fostwr supposed to be a comedy and yet, rather tellingly, the title is a quote from one of the world’s best known tragic dramas. While Ls appreciate that devotees of IJ have lugged unabridged dictionaries along with the IJ volume itself, it is not something I could have managed. It’s like there’s some rule that real stuff can only get mentioned if everybody rolls their eyes or ravid in a way that isn’t happy.

The Kindle “X-ray” feature allows you to click on a character’s name and get a brief summary to refresh your recollection of the character or plot development. While IJ may indeed be most accurately described as postmodern, I have a suspicion after reading excerpts xavid People”, “Wiggle Room” from the forthcoming posthumous The Pale Kingas well as coming across some of brroma quotes about the staleness and restrictions of the form or formlessness after odd years of irony and detachment, that DFW will be viewed if he isn’t already as a seminal literary figure who adumbrated–and more importantly ignited–a post-postmodern focus that eschews detachment in foser of empathy, cynical irony in favor of the kind that circles back toward compassionate sincerity.

Well can you maintain? Moreover, words I never new existed pop up with sufficient frequency that looking them up in a separate volume would be both disruptive to the books narrative flow and significantly increase the amount of time needed to read this book.