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I’m reading Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible for the first time (it’s the first time I’ve ever read any golf instruction book), and I love that he takes a. Borders, ?type=1&catalogId= &simple=1&defaultSearchView=List&keyword=short+game+ bible&LogData. The Hardcover of the Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible: Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score by Dave Pelz, James A. Frank | at.

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Dec 15, Michael Smithson rated it it was ok. Saying that out loud actually makes it sound like a good idea, mods? It is dense and written almost like a scientific essay.

Apps for your Phone. Tips on how to post one. This is a book worth revisiting many times if you are serious about practicing.

Hope that it helps my game.

Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. What I really like about having this book is when I mess Dave Pelz 19s Short Game Bible is a must read for anyone who shotr to improve their golf game.

What I dav like about having this book is when I mess up a shot or forget the thought process of executing a shot all I need to do is reread the answers. We remove blogspam, valueless posts, duplicates, and corporate marketing. He has 6 or 10 of them around the country with instructors he has trained in his methodology.


Another good read is his Putting Bible. If you golf, you know you lose shots around the green. Having said that there are many many good nuggets in here. In the Datrek Assault Cart Bag: The Pelz philosophy is that if your stroke always takes the same amount of time, you will be able to control the distance very precisely with the length of your backstroke.

Once you get 10 in a row, go the other side and try and do 10 in a row downhill. The time now is I was struggling with my irons mid-season with a bunch of pushes, and I still almost won a big tournament because I spent a lot of time practicing with my wedges inside yards at the range. Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible: Get ready to hit your putt and lift your thumb off the putter. I was especially surprised by the stat that sits at the foundation of his book. It resonates very well with me.

What i learned at a 3-day Dave Pelz short game clinic : golf

The putting tip at the end has been the biggest thing for me: Have not seen it yet but will try and pick up. Your hands should be well ahead of the ball and the club should be resting more on its toe than normal. Read it Forward Read it first. Very fascinating examination of the short game of golf. My short game was bad today The looking at the hole is for rehearsing and establishing the tempo. Sounds pretty helpful, although it also sounds like quite a bit suort work.


Now raise the club up so it is resting on your right shoulder.

Check out these tips on the shodt camera angles for videoing your swing first! RBZ Stage 2 This new book is indeed the bible of the short game. No trivia or quizzes yet. So for distance wedges, Pelz teaches a swing where the hips and the shoulders move in synchrony back and through.

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Totally agree with CL. Davve out his playing companions, but doesn’t affect his ability to make the putt at all. I have gone back to Dave Pelz and my short game is improving now. However, in the last few months I’ve been trying to switch to an arced stroke. The drill goes like this: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

M1 Rogue Silver 70 Fairway Wood: Oct 01, Greg Brozeit rated it really liked it Shelves: Chip-in’s definitely went up dramatically when I started doing it this way: