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The Darker Side (Smoky Barrett Book 3) and millions of other books are . This item:The Darker Side: A Thriller (Smoky Barrett) by Cody McFadyen Mass Market . When FBI Agent Smoky Barrett and her team of investigators are called in by the Director himself to handle a case of murder committed on a flight from Texas to. Full of horrific violence, this solid third thriller to feature scarred FBI agent Smoky Barrett (after The Face of Death) shows that McFadyen knows.

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I felt like I knew her pretty well coming into this book so I was surprised.

The Darker Side: Smoky Barrett, Book 3 by Cody Mcfadyen – Books – Hachette Australia

And because the murderer is focused on airing these secrets, Smoky May 4 Stars – I Really Liked It Audibook This author enjoys writing a lot of internal monologues and he loves using a lot of purple prose in those internal monologues.

Especially taking into account all the fine details McFayden did provide, based on some extensive research.

Once again I have gotten more info about the main Characters and private life’s. A Thriller Smoky Barrett Author s: It’s an excellent book and seriesand I’d happily recommend it to anyone that’s a fan of the murdery genre.

The crimes themselves are, as always, just on that edge of almost too brutal – but the humanity coming from our protagonist and her team balances it out. Mxfadyen wordt hier ook genoeg teruggeblikt naar gebeurtenissen uit de voorgaande boeken, maar het gaat gelukkig wel op een milde manier, lopend en passend in het verhaal.


Third of the Smoky Barret Series.

Echt, wat een pareltje! If you can handle the darkness, then by all means do not miss these novels. With Kirby we see Mr. The plot is unique and fresh, and the antagonist is not one that I have encountered before, nor will I soon forget.

For in his sive no one is innocent; everyone harbors a secret sin. I didn’t feel as much intensity in this book as the previous two in the series, perhaps because I already know a lot about the primary characters. So, we come to book three in the Smoky Barrett series and an absolute brilliant one. I did not like this one! Smoky Barrett 5 books.

The Darker Side (Smoky Barrett, book 3) by Cody McFadyen

May 4 Stars – I Really Liked It Audibook This author enjoys writing a lot of internal cldy and he loves using a lot of purple prose in those internal monologues. He takes us deep into the soul of the incredibly complex Smoky Barrett. And the one woman who can stop him has a secret that will change her from the hunter to the hunted. I have to say that The Darker Sire is a long awaited release for me.

McFadyen could have written that scene.

Please try again later. McFadyen will rip your heart out and leaves you breathless for more. Personal revelations by some of the characters continue their growth, and Kirby from book two appears in this one as well.



What a ride this was. More books cdy Cody Mcfadyen. Smoky en haar team worden op de zaak gezet en het blijkt dat “De Priester” aan de gang is, die wel een erg bijzondere denkwijze heeft Five of those thrillers are centered around FBI special agent Smoky Barrett, who hunts serial killers. Ondanks dat dit verhaal veel met de bijbel te maken heeft, waar ik persoonlijk niks mee heb, gaat het over zoveel meer!

That is the best part of this book, in my opinion. McFadyen really concentrates on Smoky in this novel.

It’s important potential readers know this book contains a lot of: While I would suggest reading them in order for the character development, Cody McFadyen actually rehashes a lot of the details from the previous books to make this one work as a standalone, too.

Imagine a serial killer who has already struck a horrific number of times. I think Kirby is another entertaining character, as she injects some fun into the otherwise dark plot.

Visit Cody Mcfadyen’s website at www. And why is the murderer, after all these years, now making noises like he wants to be caught? Someone has taken it upon themselves to deal out justice.