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In Simple words, Damnum sine injuria means damage without infringement of any legal right. damage without injury is not actionable. Mere loss of money’s. What is the difference between Injuria Sine Damno and Damnum Sine Injuria? The basic difference between the two is in their terms only. The maxim damnum sine injury refers to actual damage without violation of any Legal Right. In such case the mere fact of damage does not.

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Plaintiff sued Deft for damages for malice. It was held that the respondent was responsible, and the petitioner was liable to receive Rs.

There is factual malice, ill will digging well in his own land does not amount to tort. That is actual or substantial loss without infringement of any legal right and in such cases no action lies. Causing of damage, however substantial, to another person is not actionable in law unless there is also the violation of a legal right of the plaintiff. Views Read Edit View history. Injutia using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Defendant dug well in his own land.

In lawdamnum absque injuria Latin for “loss or damage without injury” is damnuum phrase expressing the principle of tort law in which some person natural or legal causes damage or loss to another, but does not injure them. For example, opening a burger stand near someone else’s may cause them to lose customers, but this in itself does not give rise to a cause of action for the original burger stand owner.

In the case of Mogul steamship Co. If the plaintiff has suffered no harm and yet the wrongful act is actionable, nominal damages may be injurai. No loss was suffered by such refusal because the candidate for whom he wanted to vote won in spite of that.

Contributory negligencefor example, could deprive a plaintiff of injuriaa legal remedy against a negligent defendant. In Mogul Steamship Co. Damnum Sine Injuria is a maxim, which refers to injury which is being suffered by the plaintiff but there is no violation damjum any legal right of a person. It is just reverse to the maxim damnum sine injuria. Meaning of Res Gestae: Riparian owners, for example, could suffer damage from their neighbors upstream use samnum the water, but as long as the use was considered reasonable there would damnun no legal remedy.


Privilege, Malice, and Intent. That is the general rules or principles or guidelines laid down and which are to be followed by the general public. Amicus Curiae Ejusdem Generis. LaA large number of students of Gloucester Grammar School flocked away to the new school.

Compensation is no ground of action even though monetary loss in caused if no legal right is violated of anybody. He approached the mayor of corporation.

The defendant was held liable, even though his actions did not cause any damage. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Damnum unjuria injuria Meaning: Injuria Sine Damno refers to the damage suffered by the plaintiff due to the violation of legal rights done by the other, even though there is no harm or loss or injury being suffered by the plaintiff.

In such case, the mere fact of ssine does not mean there is an injury i. Injuria sine damno means the violation of a legal right without causing any harm, loss or damage to the plaintiff.

Damnum Sine Injuria: Actual damage suffered without legal injury

Damnun sine injuria means damagesmonetary loss, to the plaintiff without violation of legal right, not actionable because no injury to legal right. In the case of Westhoughton coal and cannel Co. It was observed that hurting of religious sentiments did not result in any legal injury, and also that other then the plaintiff no other person feelings were hurt.

The House of Lords held that since the defendant dannum exercising his lawful right he could not be made liable even though the act, which injured the plaintiff, was done maliciously.

White [1] where the plaintiff was injuriq qualified voter at a parliamentary election, while the defendant who was a returning officer in election wrongfully refused to take a vote of the plaintiff.


While he was going to attend the assembly session, police there wrongfully arrested him. Actual damage suffered without legal injury Meaning Word by Word: How to write a resume for injuira student?

Retrieved from ” https: Tuesday, 1 January It is relevant only for assessing a number of damages. This can be better explained in the following case: Injuriaa an action dxmnum the plaintiff to restrain by injunction the erection of the gasometer as it injured him by obstructing the view of his place of business, it was held that no injunction can be granted for the injury complained of.

Injuria Sine Damno and Damnum Sine Injuria

The term ‘Res’ is a Latin word which means “thing” and the expression “Res Gesta Plaintiff sued deft for damage. Then the Mogul injutia co. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In case o Injuria Sine Damno the loss suffered is not any physical loss but due to the violation of legal right.

If the damage is caused due to good faith to avoid a greater degree of damage. Sind defendant sank a shaft over his own land which diminished and discolored the water flowing to the land of the plaintiffs.

In Gloucester Grammar School casethe defendant had set-up a rival school to that of the plaintiffs with injyria result that the plaintiffs were required to reduce the tuition fees of their damnym substantially. Injuria Sine Damno is a legal maxim, which means that injury or loss or damage so caused to the plaintiff without suffering any physical injury or damage. Because of some dispute Deft left plaintiff’s school and started his own school. Inter — Corporate Loans And Investments.

The maxim damnum sine injuria can be better explained by the following mathematical formula as deduced by Prof. Doctrine of Res Gestae.