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Dr. SUSAN ELIAS. CS. CS OPERATING SYSTEMS LAB. Mr. R. RAMAKRISHNAN. CS. CS WEB TECHNOLOGY LAB. Ms. V. RAJALAKSHMI. Download file Free Book PDF Lab Manual For Web Technology at. Complete PDF Cs Web Technology Lab Manual WordPress com. online Anna University Lab Manual For Web Technology file PDF Book LAB MANUAL REGULATION Cs Web Technology Lab.

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Cs9228 Web Technology Lab Manual

For each employee element get the id, name, age and type. Latest News Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, con- sectetuer adipiscing elit. Since WML is an XML application, all tags are case sensitive is not the same asand all tags must be properly closed. Curabitur mi nibh, cursus vel, laoreet sit amet, aliquet sit amet, justo. Many people predict that, over the next few years, WAP sites will become extremely popular and e-commerce over mobile phones will be widely available The main sites which will benefit from WAP are ones providing a service like e-mail, live sports scores or a calendar service etc.

To write the program for implementing the calendar in mobile Algorithm: Item class is a base class for a number of derived classes that can be contained within a form class. However, certain parts of the text may be made available to the device.

Cs Web Technology Lab Manual – Free Download PDF

This is the name of a MIDlet that is to be created. While this is still possible with HDML code, it is certainly not as obvious and workarounds must be introduced Why Should we use WML Although you might not have any plans immediately for creating a WAP version of your site, it is always a good idea to get involved in new technology.


At the end iterate through the list and print the employees to verify we parsed it right. Tags that would slow down the communication with handheld devices are not a part of the WML standard. This is the layer that is most visible to users and application providers. First parameter is the reference to the image that you want to display. Since its very inception Indian Airlines has been setting standards for civil aviation.

The WML coder determines within the code what parts of the web page are viewable to trchnology device, and what is not. Create a Sax parser and parse the xml Step2: Right click on it, a pop up menu appears. Best Airlines’ network covers Singapore in the East and Kuwait in the west and connects 18 destinations abroad.

For example, it would not be too advantageous for a x60 pixel banner to be loaded into the small screen of a WAP device, due to size, color and bandwidth restraints. The arithmetic operations are declared in different module to do their process 4.

Applications are written for a particular profile and are thus portable to any device that supports that profile. Check that the password field contains only the 8 characters. A device can support multiple profiles.


Select Edit suite from the popup menu. The configuration layer defines the minimum set of Java Virtual Machine features and Java class libraries available on a particular category of devices.

Mobile Computing Lab Manual for Final Information Technology – VII Semester

In the event handler create the employee object Step3: Browsing the Internet using Mobile phone simulator Using phone calendar as constructor the required functions are called.

Form validation including textfield, radio buttons, checkboxes, listbox and other controls 4. Add the commands for these functions and call the command action set the alert time for alarm 5. To develop a webpage to enter the student profiles.

Mobile Computing Lab Manual for Final Information Technology – VII Semester – [DOC Document]

Print out the data Coding employees. This provide great flexibility than the static content that HTML can deliver. Using radio button,we have to choose the entertainment and software exposure of the student. This layer is less visible to users, but is very important to profile implementers.

Add the table name to connection. Using various HTML tags and attribute,we design the web page. Nam lectus dolor, interdum at, mollis et, vehicula cs9282, sem.

Execute the program in Internet Explorer.