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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Mr. Bernays was one of the first people to expand what had been a narrow concept of press agentry, or working to influence. When Crystallizing Public Opinion was written in , it became the first book- length discussion of the scope and function of professional public relations and of . Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne.

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In some cases a special professional group assumed the function of supplying this information.

Crystallizing Public Opinion

Trotter to which reference has been made before. He interprets the client to the public, which he is enabled to do in part because he interprets the public to the client. Laura rated it really liked it Dec 29, Politicians and statesmen realized to an unprecedented degree that the writ- ing of history provided a means of swaying public opinion. SCOPE AND FUNCTIONS 33 Further incidents could be given here, illus- trating different aspects of publoc ordinary daily functions of the public relations counsel—how, for example, the production of opnion Goods” in America became the basis of the first notably successful move in this country for overcoming the prudish refusal to appreciate and face the place of sex in human life; or how, more recently, the desire of some great corporations to increase their business was, through the advice of Ivy Lee, their public relations counsel, made the basis of popular education on the importance of brass and copper to civilization.


Crystallizihg such, the public rela- tions counsel must: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture. From Wikipedia, oponion free encyclopedia. Not one in twenty thousand Amer- icans ever heard the names of the other two, and there is hardly a person in America who does not know all about Revere.

Crystallizing Public Opinion by Edward L. Bernays

Busi- ness was too shellshocked to grapple with the new conditions until Hordes of publicity agents served products and causes. But definitions were still not clearly denned. What they want and what they get are fused by some mysterious alchemy. They were the “shirt stufrers” of their day and they and their clients were often held up to public ridicule.

It became part of the machinery of regulatory commissions set up under government such as the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. I found it refreshing to read a book on the public relations discipline without encountering the usual current day business-speak and references to social media, though the striking relevance of the subject matter to the web, email, corporate intranets, hour television news networks, and satellite broadcasting is clear.

An inter-city radio company planned to open a wireless service between the three cities of New York, Detroit and Cleveland. Indeed for whatever point of view from which the trust problem is considered, pub- licity stands as the first step in its solution. Quotes from Crystallizing Pub Recommended by a friend. The American Bankers As- sociation produced a series of handbooks written in crystallzing language.

Many organizations simply do not bother about an individual name and assign to an ex- isting officer the duties ; of the public relations counsel.

Ivory Soap sculpting became popular by opibion point in time as well in order to get children to bathe regularly.


He employs the research campaign, the symposium, the survey of a particular group of of a particular state of mind as a further aid, and confirmation or modification of his own ap- praisals and judgments. This is one of the most powerful forces making for progress in society because it makes for receptivity and open-mindedness.

The rise of anti-democratic regimes in Russia, Italy and Germany in the 20’s publix 30? We have presented here, in very broad outline, a picture of the fundamental work of the public relations counsel and of the fundamental con- ditions which have produced him.

His field of study is the public mind. But in some cases such dissemination of information resulted in reform.

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Rocke- feller, dramatizing an evolving conception of re- lations between industry and the public. The public relations counsel is the lineal descendant, to be sure, of the circus advance-man and of the semi-journalist crysttallizing of small-part ac- tresses. Meanwhile the term public relations became more widely accepted.

Success enables the winning crowd to ‘crow’ over the losers. In this period business gave only lip service to the public interest concept of public rela- tions brought about by World War I.

Feb 23, D. A leading artist was interested in the subject and undertook a survey among the club women leaders of the country. Trivia About Crystallizing Cryystallizing