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Detailed Description. Arrays are used to store data which is referenced sequentially or as a stack. Functions are provided to push and pop individual elements. Cours libre Pascal Fares, en Informatique, sciences et technologies. Once Apache is running with mod_ssl you’ll have to register the domain component of . Video created by University of California San Diego for the course “Hadoop Platform and Application Framework”. Welcome to the first module of the Big Data .

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Decide the signature algorithm used for certificates. The package apache2-doc contains the complete Apache manual in various localizations for local installation and reference. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

To add new directives, click Add. MPM modules are enabled and disabled using the a2enmod and a2dismod commands just like with any other module. The default setting is to listen on all network interfaces IP addresses on port Click Add Module to add a new module that is already installed but not yet listed.

This is the final step of the wizard.

They’re here only as hints or couts. Enfin, apachw2 changeons l’attribution des droits pour l’utilisateur hduser et le groupe hadoop. Although it is not necessary to create separate access log files for each virtual host, it is common practice to do so, because it allows the separate analysis of access statistics for each host. Nous montrerons dans cette section l’installation de la distribution Hadoop fournie par Apache.


Not all available PHP modules are thread-safe. If I check the firewall log for last one hour or so I can see that attempt has been made by my mobile ip to connect to website running on my pc. This means that a certain path even outside the Document Root in the file system can be accessed via a URL aliasing that path.

Also see a short summary of the configuration made so far. Assurez-vous que les conditions suivantes sont remplies avec ocurs de mettre en place le serveur web Apache:.

Do not attempt to run this command from outside this directory. The program provides a series of prompts, some of which require user input. Instead of only forking child processes, the worker MPM serves requests by using threads with qpache2 processes. Now another PC and mobiles connected on the same network can access the local sites.

Module mod_firewall

To make the administration of scripts as easy as possible, it is common practice to limit the coura of CGI scripts to specific directories instead of globally allowing them.

This location is already configured to execute CGI scripts.

Suppression de fichiers III-D. Otherwise a browser complains that the certificate was issued by an unknown authority.

openSUSE Chapitre Le serveur HTTP Apache

Although it is not necessary to create separate error log files for each virtual host, it is common practice to do so, because it makes the debugging of errors much easier. The first declared virtual host in the configuration file is commonly referred to as the default host. This specifies the default URL used by clients to contact the Web server. MPM selection in Debian Wheezy and earlier APT will automatically select one of the four engines, usually apache2-mpm-prefork or apache2-mpm-worker apache2-mpm-event and apache2-mpm-itk aren’t recommended.


Probably also on other systems.

Apache localhost / ~nom d’utilisateur/ ne fonctionne pas

Generating a dummy certificate is simple. Cependant, openSUSE fournit certains d’entre eux.

To use the certificate set the following directives in your SSL-configuration: You may also access it on the Web at http: Creating a certificate is basically a two step process.

Un billet qui montre comment dimensionner son cluster Hadoop: Configuring Apache with YaST.

Un tutoriel sur l’installation Hadoop V1 via la distribution Cloudera: Testez correctement votre serveur web lorsque vous faites des changements ici. As you commented that one of the posters below sufficiently solved the issue – please mark that answer as the accepted one. The certificate is valid for one year.

Is there a firewall on the server? The SSL module is enabled by default in the global server configuration.

Apache localhost / ~nom d’utilisateur/ ne fonctionne pas

CGI Troubleshooting Have you reloaded the server after having changed the configuration? You should always check Open Port In Firewallbecause otherwise the Web server is not reachable from outside.

At any rate, if you apaceh2 a network, you should properly configure DNS, otherwise all kinds of problems such as this may occur.

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