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Authorized Oracle Primavera, Asta Powerproject and PMWeb Software Sales. • Experienced . Turn Asta “Flags” into Start. Constraints in P6. Hi to All, I am trying to export ASTA PP files to P3 using export option on Asta. But I am getting the error ” Invalid work Pattern position”. First you need to export your project from ASTA Power Project to a Microsoft Project XML-file. To do so please select “File” in the top left corner.

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This enables you to share project information with colleagues who have access to Primavera software but do not have access to Asta Powerproject. Projects The first project in an XER file is used to set up the Asta Powerproject project summary, including the fiscal year start, the report date and the imposed start and finish dates.

All empty summary tasks are converted into normal tasks during export.

Microsoft Project does not support bars as such; however, it does support null tasks. Units of measurement Primavera software maintains a table of units of measurement.

Converting ASTA power Project File to P3

Unlike resource curves in Asta Powerproject, all resource curves in Primavera software have 20 points. Negative costs and income Asta Powerproject supports positive and negative costs, and positive and negative income. Primavera software does not support the use of subheadings sata bars with a name but with no tasks – so these are discarded during the export process.

When you import a P3B file into Asta Powerproject, note the following points. Select the Export income as negative costs check box to convert any positive income into negative costs and any negative income into positive costs in the resulting file, or clear the check box to remove any income from the conbert file altogether. Pls share the information to me as well. Projects and project groups Primavera software has a structure that azta projects within the database to be structured.


This is set to ‘Top’ if a task’s levelling priority is more than zero in Asta Powerproject, and ‘normal’ otherwise.

Summary tasks Microsoft Project does not support empty summary tasks. This hierarchy is imported into Asta Powerproject as a hierarchy of summary tasks. User-defined fields are created according to the following table:. For example, assignments of the Floor Level code library illustrated below would be shown as “1st.

Unique task IDs Microsoft Project does not support Asta Powerproject’s cobvert task IDs, but a project’s unique task IDs are exported into a custom field so that they are not lost when files are imported back into Asta Powerproject.

You can specify whether tasks that do not have any incoming links are converrt a start flag during the export process.

For example, the following work pattern in Asta Powerproject:. Resource costs Primavera software supports resource costs that are tied to a defined time period. Fixed costs have an accrual type in Primavera covert. Milestones are converted into start milestones during import if they have more outgoing than incoming links, and into finish milestones in all other cases.

You specify how income should be handled during the export process.

How to import an ‘ASTA Power Project’ schedule – Sablono Support

Overtime in Asta Powerproject is incompatible axta Microsoft Project where progress is involved. During import the notes are concatenated and any HTML tags are removed. Work breakdown convwrt If a project in which a work poweeproject structure has been defined has been exported to Microsoft Project, the work breakdown structure is recreated if the file is imported back into Asta Powerproject.

All Asta Powerproject exceptions must be one of these two types, regardless of their name, so they are converted to the relevant exception during export. Note also that the Number of tasks field on the Properties tab of the Properties dialog in Asta Powerproject includes all of the types of task in the imported project, including summary tasks, the programme itself and the displaced items folder. For example, if the programme chart shows as a project group and simply contains other charts, the programme chart itself would not be exported; only the charts that it contains would be exported.


Costs with a duration are marked as being uniformly accrued.

For each calendar in Asta Powerproject, the dominant work pattern’s working week and the calendar’s holiday exceptions are exported. If a Primavera SureTrak work breakdown structure has more than one top-level item, a ‘dummy’ top-level item is created in the work breakdown structure during the import process. Asra that even if you choose to export calendars as project-specific, all calendars that are assigned to a resource will be exported as global calendars as resources are global in Primavera software.

What were you doing when you faced the problem?

Transferring data between Asta Powerproject and Primavera software

For each user-defined field, the Primavera UDF label is used to create a valid user-defined field name in Asta Powerproject. Overtime Overtime in Asta Powerproject is incompatible with Microsoft Project where progress is involved.

Cost account names must be unique in Primavera software, so numbers are appended to the names of Asta Powerproject cost centres if required to ensure that this is the case. Note that while it is possible to format activity IDs in Primavera SureTrak, this is not possible in Asta Powerproject, so any formatting information is not cnovert.

Note also that if a single code library contains multiple code library entries with the same name, these code library entries are effectively combined into one code during the export.