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Constructionism vs. Instructionism. In the s Seymour Papert delivered the following speech by video to a conference of educators in Japan. (Papert, b). “ Constructivism, in a nutshell, states that children are the builders of their own cognitive tools, as well as of their external. Transcript of CONSTRUCCIONISMO. EN QUE CONSISTE? se plantea que los sujetos al estar activos mientras aprenden construyen también.

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The first is, in itself, a technical matter that belongs in an educational school course on “methods.

Papert described children creating programs in the Logo educational programming language. See also Chapter 9 by Turkle and Papert in Constructionism. And in this project, children spend two or three months, three or four hours a week, working on a long project to make a piece of software. When one looks at how people construcckonismo and learn one sees clear differences.

Some programmed their space construcclonismo as if they had read a book on “structured programming,” in the top-down style of work that proceeds through careful planning to organize the work and by making subprocedures for every part under the hierarchical control of a superprocedure. From my perspective, CAI amplifies the rote and authoritarian character that many critics see as manifestations of what is most characteristic of–and most paperh with–traditional school.

Moreover, even if there were, individuals might prefer to think in their own way rather than in the “best way. The caterpillar turned into a butterfly. Collaborative knowledge construction is definitly the way Moodle has to go if it doesn’t want to become yet another Scorm engine.

In fact, at Muzzey School there was no screen, only clanging teletype terminals connected to a distant “time-shared” computer. Constructionism’s line of direct descent from the soap-sculpture model is clearly visible. They are not the only ones who are so predisposed.

In that respect, constructionist though also can be related to instructional designs like writing-to-learn and finally to transformative pedagogy. I was struck by an incongruous image of the teacher in a regular math class pining to own the products of his students’ work!

And this in turn implies a ramified research program which is the real subject of this introduction and of the volume itself. At the time of the Muzzey project in Lexington, Logo had not yet acquired the feature for construccionixmo it is best known to most educators: I am not prepared to be “reductionist” quite to that extent about arguing my own theory, and in the following pages I shall probe several other routes to get into resonance on these issues: That would be silly.


Fantasy and science and math were coming together, uneasily still, but pointing a way. In studying constructivismit has become apparent for Dougiamas that one of the most important processes in developing conshruccionismo knowledge has been by explaining and exploring his ideas in conversation with fellow students. After a while someone might say: Ethnographic studies of science provide a final example of a contrast between a superficial–though as in the other cases still valuable–first impact, and a potentially deep epistemological one.

Important concepts are conscioulsy engaged and public entity.

Constructionism (learning theory)

He likened their learning to living in a “mathland” where learning mathematical ideas is as natural as learning French while living in France. The construction of physical cybernetic creatures is made possible by novel hardware. Some information may be missing or may be wrong, spelling and grammar may have to be improved, use your judgment! Ebonique is not hanging out with the conatruccionismo kids.

Situating Constructionism

Has it been achieved? It is clear enough that each ppapert these streams taken separately carries implications for education.

Page last modified Final report of the Brookline Logo Project: She construccionismk to them. I am trying to say, that you use fractions, almost every day of your life. Teaching “at” students is replaced by assisting them to understand—and help one another to understand—problems in a hands-on way. And the next example we’re going to see is an example at the Hennigan School in Boston, where there’s a project constrcucionismo “Children as Software Designers”.

It had no graphics, no Turtle. But to construccioonismo a common implication one has to look beyond what one might call “a first impact,” which in each case tends to be specific rather than common, focused on educational content rather than on underlying epistemologies. One “bricolage” takes its starting point in strategies for the organization of work: This kind of learning can be very effective in mathematics classes because students try to solve the problems construccioniismo many different ways, stimulating their minds.


After this project, she was in the top math group, and she stayed in the top math group, not only that year, but the rest of her time at the school. The painter-programmer is guided papwrt the work as it proceeds rather than staying with a pre-established plan. See also constructivismConstructionist learning object.

What was going on? Steier highlights the circularity of reflective thinking in social research, and presents a number of ways mirroring occurs between learners like two mirrors facing each other where each reciprocator affects the other. Experiments carried out so far still fall a little short of this idealized description, and, moreover, have been mounted systematically only in the construccioniso contexts of schools or science centers. This page was last edited on 17 Aprilat Soap-sculpture math is construcciomismo idea that buzzes in the air around my head wherever I go and I assume it was present in the air the students who wrote the chapters in this volume breathed.

But common old garden string, though less versatile in its range, provides some as well. She was in the weakest math group. Take mathematics as an extreme example. The creation of a multitude of learning situations sometimes called learning environments or microworlds is a great asset, but what gives constructionism the status of a theoretical project is its epistemological dimension.

My chapter with Sherry Turkle “Epistemological Pluralism and the Revaluation of the Concrete,” Chapter 9 distills an epistemological essence from inquiry into the sociology of knowledge. These two key ideas set the stage for the evolution of constructionism.

It will have really gone beyond it if computers play a part in mediating a change in the criteria that govern what kinds of knowledge are valued in education. It’s a piece of software explaining something about fractions, and I’m going to give you some little peeks at how one girl did this. The question at issue is on a different level: