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This of course leads to more complexity in the configuration and troubleshooting of OSPF networks. Administrators that are used to the. This document shows sample configurations for Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) authentication which allows the flexibility to authenticate. router-id-ospf. Command Default. If this command is not configured, OSPF chooses an IPv4 address as the router ID from one of its interfaces.

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R1 sh ip route Codes: First bring 3 routers into your topology R1, R2, R3 position them as below. Virtual routing and forwarding VRF is a technology included in IP Internet Protocol that allows multiple instances of a routing table to co-exist in a router and work together but not interfere with each other. These will be the customer sites connected to R1 and R3.

Example: Configuring an OSPF Router Identifier

R6 sh ip route 4. Remember we have a VRF configured on this router so this command will show routes in the global routing table the MPLS Core and it will not show the Want to learn more about Network Automation? If the output does not display the intended configuration, repeat the instructions in this example to correct the configuration.

R3 sh ip bgp vpnv4 vrf RED. R3 hostname R3 int lo0 ip add 3. If the router identifier is modified in a network, the link-state advertisements LSAs advertised by the previous router identifier are retained in the OSPF database until the LSA retransmit interval has timed out.


The Router-ID uniquely identifies a router in an autonomous system, no two routers in an OSPF autonomous system can have the same router-id.

Example: Configuring an OSPF Router Identifier – TechLibrary – Juniper Networks

You can see here that we do have a bgp vpnv4 peering to R3 — looking at the PfxRcd you can see it says 0 this is because we have not got any routes in BGP. Here we can see that 4. R4 sh ip route 4. Thanks very much, you made this really simple and easy to understand. I would be so grateful. This rokteur functionality by allowing network ciaco to be segmented without using multiple devices.

R1 router bgp 1 neighbor 3. R1 config – if. R3 sh ip route vrf RED. Get started and learn the skills you need for the future with my course on Ansible for Network Engineers Show me more about the network automation course. When configuring a router-id, the neighbors will not be updated automatically until that router has failed or the OSPF process has been cleared and the neighbor relationship has been re-established. Identify the interfaces on the routing device that will participate in OSPF.

I have also started to get into Network Automation — if this is more your thing check out my pages on Ansible for Network Engineers. R6 int lo0 ip add 6.


Establish a console session with devices R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 and SW1 than load the initial configurations provided below by copying the config from the textbox and pasting it into the respected routers console. Cixco have a question.

Configuring The OSPF Router-ID | Free CCNA Workbook

R1 router ospf 1 mpls ldp autoconfig R2 router ospf 1 mpls ldp autoconfig R3 router ospf 1 cjsco ldp autoconfig. Is it possible for you to write and explain further more. Tracing the route to 6.

As discussed in Labthere is a reason for this. Process 2, Nbr 4.

Network Automation skills are becoming a must for network engineers of the future. Hi roger thanks this was great explanation. R6 sh ip route.

If a router identifier is explicitly configured using the router-id address statement under the [edit routing-options] hierarchy level, the above three rules are ignored. The router ID fields are clearly marked in the output.

To verify the mpls interfaces the command is very simple — sh mpls interface This is done on R2 and you can see that both interfaces are running mpls and using LDP.