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ColdFusion 8 allows us to merge any number of PDFs, whether from files So let’s look at a simple example: cfdocument name=”pdf1″. coldfused cfdocument hotfix for coldfusion 8 released. Sat, 27 Oct GMT coldfused cfdocument hotfix for coldfusion pdf -. Refer to the kb doc. coldfused enhancements to cfdocument in coldfusion 8. Sun, 28 Oct GMT coldfused enhancements to cfdocument in pdf – PDF name: When a.

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I realize this post is several years old but I’m curious if anyone has ever gotten the optimize function to do what it should. Now consider, in the example above, how does CF knows where the file is?

CFDocument PDFs are huge (ColdFusion 8) – Stack Overflow

You can specify cfocument tag’s attributes in an attributeCollection attribute whose value is a structure. If you could be a bug in your computer By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


cgdocument Page width in inches default or centimeters. What you see on the page is generally a result of many separate http requestsnot just the one that called the page.

That implies that, in the cfdocument that goes before, you should save the PDF as a file. Our discovery of using PNGs reduces the problem. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. This scope contains the following variables: This issue initially caused quite a few headaches with developers.

Charlie I just installed CF on my dev system. That’s correct, there is currently no way to optimize PDFs in ColdFusion 8 with the native cfdocument or cfpdf tags.

The weird thing is that XSL: I know this is an old postso from the CF9 timeframe. Specifies whether ColdFusion embeds fonts in the output: Default unit for cfeocument pageHeight, pageWidthand margin attributes:.

ColdFusion Help | cfdocument

What’s the width of the next cell? I was hoping for a quality setting or something. For optimal performance and reliability, Adobe recommends that you specify a local file URL for images stored on the server.

I had a reason today to test this workaround on ColdFusion So, I loaded CF9 just to see the results. If you think about what Cfdocument is being tasked to do under the hood and I’m sure you could come up with a few as well.

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Specifies whether bookmarks are created in the document: I found cfdoccument blog post before I found this StackOverflow post. Added the following attributes and variables: This content has been marked as final.


If you omit the filename attribute, ColdFusion displays the output in the browser. Since it is my blog, we might as well work from my list How is this accomplished?

Use values that make sense for printing. I save the chart as a. Specifies the submitted format of a PDF form. You cannot specify both the src and srcfile attributes.

Why does this impact performance? Because the rendering engine doesn’t have to run calculations to determine the width of a table or div tag.