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This software/documentation contains proprietary information of Cognos .. Framework Manager User. Guide. Creating and publishing models using. This document applies to IBM® Cognos® 8 Business Intelligence Version and may How is IBM Cognos 8 PowerPlay Studio Different from IBM Cognos Series 7 After Exporting to PDF the Label for the OTHER Category in a Pie Chart . Transformer is used when you insert the Cube File Name into the report title. To use modeling tools, such as Framework Manager and IBM Cognos For instructions about installing and configuring IBM Cognos BI Server, see the IBM Cognos Series 7.x Transformer models to IBM Cognos BI Transformer or later.

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Example – Union of Excluded Categories in Two Dimensions This example describes the union of excluded categories in two dimensions. Constant Description Date Inserts the current system date and positions the cursor on the first number of the date. Procedure Close as many open applications as possible. E8 For a model requiring only the Division, Quarter, Expense, and Expense Amount columns, Cognos Transformer reads all the expense types and expense amounts for each quarter and for each division.

Verifying Your Model Cognos Transformer provides a built-in validation tool to help you identify problems with your model design.

Cognos Products and Tools

Page All text strings are enclosed in either double or single quotation marks. Cognos Transformer does not allow dimension views that use Summarize or Cloak for time dimensions that specify a time-state rollup for one or more measures.

It then automatically v creates a time dimension based on the date column If the dates are not in a predefined format, Cognos Transformer may prompt you to define the format.

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Procedure Verify that you are using the correct.

The first is a time-based control file. A negative Appendix F.

Page – Example – Restarting a Failed Process fr Cognos PowerHouse 4GL portable subfile. Regular Rollup The following table lists the regular rollup options and explains how the results appear in the reporting components. Click the Time tab.

Cognos Products and Tools – TechyLib

However, the following restrictions apply: The following settings specify directories required by Transfomer. Creating The Time Dimension You are required to specify both the date source cognnos and the Dimension name for your time dimension.

U Option, V Option -p filename. Mathematical, Logical, and String Operators Cognos Transformer supports mathematical operators and tramsformer concatenate operators. Page Page – Sap bw query requirements Page – Jser manager considerations Page – Building powercubes from sap bw data Page Page Page – Building expressions Page – Building an if-then-else calculated expr Since prompts apply to all queries in the Cognos Transformer model but are maintained separately for each query, the specified values should be the same in all queries.

Command Line Options AutoDesign, build a model, create a cube, and display the results in a supported reporting component v open the Cognos Transformer executable without showing a splash screen v open the Cognos Transformer executable with the Main windows minimized Note: For example, a data source can be read during category generation, during cube creation, or both.

Page Page Page – Chapter 8. Page Moreover, no new data exists in data source B to provide a new target category. You are now ready to import the query in Framework Manager.



It also supports logical operators and comparison operators, but only in an if-then-else conditional construct. In this case, the object is a data source.


If the price is greater than or the quantity is less than or equal to 3, evaluates to True and retrieves only those rows. The list of available functions varies with the Data class. Complete the following procedure: To verify that you have maintained a 1: When users are members of more than one group, their access permissions are merged; OLAP reporting 3 left function optimizing production environments levels using Cognos packages and reports as data sources 16 category inclusion settings connecting manually defining to support special business needs 87 member unique names Create Special Category Levels Create Special Category Levels You can create drill-down levels by using special categories, thereby providing your users with an alternate drill-down path that uses a structure not supplied by your source data.

Returns the integer obtained from truncating the result of an integer divided by a second integer. You begin with one data source.

IBM Cognos User Manual

The resulting cube and OLAP reports will show the number of non-missing, non-zero categories for the specified level and Activity measure. TR Custom views are not allowed to perform the operation you requested. Creating A Model In addition, source values that conform with the business keys in other applications used in IBM Cognos BI will have the best success rates when used with drill-through applications transfprmer other business intelligence applications.

PowerCube is located to include a version reference number v creates a version.