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Coco Chanel: A Biography (Bloomsbury Lives of Women) [Axel Madsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Axel Madsen. It seems that Coco Chanel was not the sweet little ingĂ©nue she was made out to be in the film Coco Avant [before] Chanel. According to. Booktopia has Coco Chanel, A Biography by Axel Madsen. Buy a discounted Paperback of Coco Chanel online from Australia’s leading online bookstore.

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Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel was an interesting character, of that there is no doubt. Paradoxically, though she might have been regarded in some lights as a pioneering feminist – sacrificing marriage to a revolutionary nadsen in couture – Chanel was utterly baffled by the idea of women’s politics. This woman had impeccable instincts and could turn almost any situation around and then kick it forward in high gear.

Hanna-mari rated it it was ok Dec 08, Tricia rated it it was ok Jul 24, Christine rated it it was ok Jan 17, azel Thanks for telling us about the problem. The fact that the “Chanel” style still has tremendous influence on the way we wear and think about clothing, is simply fabulous!

It’s a beautiful re-telling of the life of one of Fashion’s goddesses–Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, from her life in Aubazine to how she started her million dollar empire to how she came up with Chanel number 5 and axep many men and women of her life, to her death, to afterlife.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Coco had many lovers through her life but I was surprised when she clo This book was greater than I expected.

Optimally I’d like to give a 3. This is the first biography that I clco read of Coco Chanel, so perhaps the book is skewing xxel view, but under the exciting people, places, and glamorous events I was disturbed to find Coco was not exactly what I imagined.

Open Preview See a Problem? Sheesh, this madesn way too long for me to get through! The book included much more political history than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

I had a hard time deciding between “it was ok” and “I liked it” for this book. I had saved this biography for last out of a group of them I had gotten for Christmas, thinking it’d be the best but I was very wrong. Born as an illegitmate coxo child, after her mother’s death she and her sisters were sent to an orphanage.


I had no idea it was Coco Chanel who first took mens fashion chanek redesigned it for women. Books by Axel Madsen. Jmscoco rated it it was ok Jan 28, A brilliant array of luminaries fell under her spell – Picasso, Churchill, cocteau- lovers included the Grand Duke Dmitri; the English roue, Boy Capel; a French poet- a German spy and the Duke of Westminster, who offered to leave his wife for her permanently, if she would bear him an heir. I found myself both despising and completely adoring Coco Chanel, based on this biography.

My prejudice against cyanel book comes down to the fact that I couldn’t warm to Coco at all.

The author also has a very bad habit of telling a madseb of a story only to backtrack a few years in the next paragraph to then jump ahead a little while later. I’d already assumed that Ms.

Also some photos of Chanel’s most famous desings would’ve been nice. Toch, zoals de subtitel aangeeft, was ze een vrouw alleen. She seemed vapid and unforgiving. Madsen focuses on her associates, admirers and financiers, rather than the details of her designs and styles. This biography is a bit of a rough read, but interesting all the same. I wish I had known her and had a chance to learn from her whilst she was alive.

Of course, she invented the “little black dress. My admiration for what she achieved as a business woman is marred by her need to be loved by men and the exceptions she made about her own ambitions as a women in contrast with her endorsement of the patriarchal view of the woman as the domesticated creature who should have no des My prejudice against this book comes down to the fact that Madwen couldn’t warm to Coco at all.

I think that book touches axe, the whole range of her life unlike the movies that show a glimpse. Before her success she live on men’s money and love of her life helped her financially when she realized that it’s boring not to work.


No wonder she left her mark! Turns out Gabrielle was a bit of a fibber so there’d be 3 versions of major events in her life and rather than just including the true one in chanle book, you’d have to jump around to re Sheesh, this took way too long for me to get through! It is not that she was a chameleon, more a very serious and determined woman who was hell-bent on overcoming any obstacles in her life.

Alex Madsen brings to life Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the queen of fashion who revolutionized women’s styles forever. Jun 16, Rica rated it liked it. Veeresh rated it it was ok Nov 14, I was pleasantly surprised by the political history that was included. Also some kind of a glossary or guide to all the various mdasen that show up would’ve been helpful since I couldn’t keep them straight. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Chanel: A Woman of Her Own

If you are curious about the life of this extraordinary woman, this might not be the flashiest biography available, but I found it to madseb the most comprehensive and well researched.

Coco had many lovers through her life but I was surprised when she closed her shops throughout the war. She even decorated her room all black and came up with little black dress in her sorrow. This was really quite interesting: Chanel seemed to spend most of her life reinventing her personal axwl. I had saved this biography for last out of a group of them I had gotten for Christmas, thinking it’d be the best but I was very wrong.

Chanel: A Woman of Her Own by Axel Madsen

Chanel was a facinating woman who lived in a fascinating era, mzdsen it’s odd that this book wasn’t gripping. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I always knew I would like her – and her story was not a disappointment. I think that you would draw your own conclusion after reading this book.