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I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself. Christopher Sommer’s amazing new courses, Foundation One and Handstand Foundation One and Handstand One are available at The bulk of their progress came before Foundation, using mostly their To expand on one of your points, “Coach” Sommer’s argument that.

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And hold on to your seats for the Naterman site.

What I would ask you, however, is do you like how female gymnasts look? Challenges when training alone: I love the integrated mobility with my strength training. Thank you for the great consistent podcasts Like Like. All that beginners should really focus on doing are wall handstand and wall planks and work their way in with good form while stretching their front side of the body.

One of the arguments is that weight training will make you inflexible and GST will maintain your flexibility. In France there’s no weighted vest over 44lbs.

The point is though: I did notice a slight difference in my physique after 8 weeks, yes but the keyword founndation is slight. Thanks so much for the comment, Bruce, and huge congrats on all the wins!

Crazy amounts of awesome info, as you are well aware! Been following you for quite some time.



But as someone who has never had this tendency to use the term casually, I can think of no other way to more aptly and succinctly describe this man. I am by far not in the position to argue against your knowledge.

Josh Naterman is an outstanding source. Did you do the training courses on the GB website? Finally, build up to 20 kg maximally over let us say 1 year and stay at that weight, unless studies confirm the hypothesis of increased flexion tolerance from flexion work. As for your question about starting from Week 1 everytime; no, I do not think this is necessary.

Yea, the saddest being that he banned Kit Laughlin from his forum, one of the nicest people in the world! You can do most all the beginning work at home without much equipment.

And get good, sometimes conflicting, but hopefully always educated answers. Hey Tim First of all thanks for the podcasts, they are great! If the BtGB were so instrumental, everyone that has ever been gyjnasticbodies the GB forums would be doing planches and levers and mannas now, a decade later.

Kelly Starrett and Stuart McGill worry about load under flexion extension and are both extremely credible sources who gymnaaticbodies you can do most movements including sports with a stiff spine so, why would we need to do Jefferson curls? Notify me of new posts via email.


Gymnastic exercises for strength

The old BtGB should cover a lot of ground in terms of strength training beyond F1. I found BtGB which eventually let me to GB where people were open-minded, friendly, willing to help and really put an effort into helping the newcomers. If anything, the only proof I have seen Ido Portal post is videos of his clients working with him for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years.

I tried all kinds of programming from 3x per week to 7x per week. So what are people who want to achieve skills similar to those found in Foundation to do?

“Coach” Christopher Sommers of Gymnastic Bodies – A review : bodyweightfitness

If you are performing the F1 workouts correctly, i. Most importantly, I paid attention to my body during the training and in between sessions to see how fast I could recover. Is it primarily aesthetics to improve how your physique looks? Does the GST program talk about what to do about muscle soreness I trained through two years of near-constant muscle sorenessand how to prevent injuries?

If you lift all geared up and the rom is 3 inches, sure your mobility is going to suck.