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“ITA/F00/P3/03/” which means that it is the th C-card issued by the Italian Federation and that the card holder is a CMAS Three Star Diver. Equivalent qualifications to crossover between scuba diving agencies: PADI, CMAS, BSAC, NAUI, NASE, SSI, IANTD, ANDI, GUE, IADS, PSAI. C.M.A.S. / PADI Agreement. 1. Reasons a) Do not penalise divers following one of the two paths. b) Allowing divers to move from one scheme to another without.

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Your students would have to do an extra course with CMAS. Eric30 March Hi Bev Mcas isn’t an equivalent nowadays as Novice I doesn’t include any open water dives. Michael Clarke25 April And 1 kid wants to learn. Tony1 March Desde ya muchas gracias por su ayuda.

Laitesukelluksen syventävä jatkokurssi CMAS P3/NAUI Master Scuba Diver, syksy 2016

And made 8 dives I went diving in Hawaii last year and just came from diving on the reefs in Belize. If you plan to cross-over training, you may be asked to start a level down from your equivalent qualification.


Thanks for getting in touch.

I would like to under take sport diving now. The overview contain some wrong information concerning NAUI. This table gives a rough guide to equivalent cmsa. Harry Wilson17 March It seems all this experience and qualification has no transferable meaning. Retrieved from ” https: Training with some other agencies is more rigorous.

Maybe useful for adjusting some information. The listings for SSI don’t include the instructor levels and the recreation diver levels are little off.

Marco1 October It’s a good question but we don’t have a definitive answer for you. Thanks Steve6 April Advanced Open Water Diver 27 m with 5 specialities 2. All these are very vmas and completely understanding but my finally question is specific.

Which one do you recommend? Nicolas8 September How to achieve such a crossover administratively, please? Dionisis Dionisis28 June Harald17 March Thank you in advance.

Equivalent Diving Qualifications: BSAC, PADI, CMAS, NAUI, etc – SCUBA Travel

Which level if cma Thanks for pointing that out—I’ve added it to the list. Naui master diver may be accepted as PADI rescue if the rescue components are taught in that course. Jana9 April It is only a guide though: Hi, I have an advanced open water with National Cmae League. Good luck with your new life. Diving to 51 m is only taught in Tech-1 curriculum and requires trimix and planned decompression.



If you have any comments or questions, enter them here. Ist Class Diver 4 star and National instructor 4 star. Get in touch with your local PADI school for their definitive answer. PADI Offers a solo diver courso. Good luck with restarting diving – let us l3 how you get on.

How would I go about finding out? Rescue Diver and adv.

Bob Tait22 October Can the dive operator still sign me off or is there a time frame for my certificate to be processed?

Thank you for your follow-up regarding the listing. Edward Haynes20 July Let us know how she gets on.

I am currently a padi advanced open water diver and am looking to move across to saa what qualification cmws it match with. Zeke11 July