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S.A.S.S! Yourself Slim: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches ( formerly published under a different title) can profoundly change the way you look and. Cynthia Sass – Dietitian, Nutritionist and Author-Official Website. Cinch diet week one: menu plan, what it was like, what I ate, how much tried a week of the SASS Yourself Slim diet to kick-start some fat loss.

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I recently reread Cythia Sass’ “Cinch! Can’t wait to try out some of the recipes!

I have tried many diets in my life and I have lost a considerable amount of weight but I was not able to maintain it. Following the cynthiz is as simple as putting together an easy-to-understand fivepiece puzzle at every meal and enjoying four delicious, easy-to-prepare meals in addition to a chocolate treat. Best of all, Cinch! I suppose the goal was ccinch spend the fifth day throwing up? Feels like math homework.

It gives you some simple solutions to making sure that you have all the nutrients you need, not just cutting out calories. We’re giving away 25 signed copies of Cinch!

Plus, one lucky reader will also win a one-hour phone consultation with Cynthia Sass. Her “puzzle pieces” idea. It used to be what Popeye ate out of a can. I made it through the “Fast Forward” which was kind of tough, but it has made the rest of the diet so far seem pretty doable.

11 best CINCH! Cynthia Sass images on Pinterest | Healthy eating, Healthy Food and Health foods

Read this book at a cytnhia member’s suggestion. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Would be a hard diet to stick to for long term. Apr 17, LeAnn rated it really liked it.


The book is set up as a day plan with two parts:. There are no calories to count; no points or grams to memorize. This is pretty limiting, but she makes it clear it is totally optional. Feb 10, Sarah rated it really liked it. Following the program is as simple as putting together an easy-to-understand fivepiece puzzle at every meal and enjoying four delicious, easy-to-prepare meals in addition to a chocolate treat.

Mar 06, Laura rated it liked it. I also really enjoyed the chapter on emotional eating. I’ve also made some adjustments to the way I shop as well; just yesterday I put a couple of items back on the shelf because of a “hydrogenated” ingredient. The entire plan is based on cutting edge research and three key rules that work in synergy to provide real and lasting results.

Weight Loss: Lose 10 Pounds This Month with the Cinch! Diet Plan

It focuses on loving and enjoying food instead of battling food. By the editors of Shape. Use your own judgement on this one. Anyway, I can vividly remember sitting backstage during choir class, cheerlessly cjnch a lukewarm hot dog wrapped in foil.

Believe me, that is something I would do.

Cinch! : Cynthia Sass :

In the book it has a chapter on how to help your significant other through it! Open Preview See a Problem? I began reading the rules she has set forth. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It makes it very simple to build a healthy lunch or dinner out cynrhia whatever I happen to have in the house.


After the 5 day fast forward, Cinch’s plan is based saass clean eating with lots of produce. Read on for everything you need to know to drop 10 pounds or more in just 30 days.

The Cinch Diet: Cynthia Sass

And, yay for eating REAL food! There is a whole section on this and even a 5-day food diary to really open your eyes as to what feelings trigger your eating patterns. Healthy Snacks Keep your fat-burners going strong with these smart between-meal bites. I would guess it involves losing weight.

You can either follow a 5-day fast foward plan where you only from the five foods she has selected and then jump into her main plan OR you can skip those five days and follow the rules above. The One cincu One Network provided me with a review copy of Cinch! It just made sense! Like WW, it gives you a formula that you can use whenever you are eating so that you can vinch the plan. On other diets, I have always felt hungry and the author says that vinch will feel full all day long.

For me, I create images in my head. I did like the way she set how the best way to figure out what you should eat the easy way.