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Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom. China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know. New York Oxford University Press, ISBN ; ISBN . China in the 21st Century has ratings and 52 reviews. Ryanofthenorth said: Concise survey that hits some of the highlights of Chinese history and cul. China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know by Jeffrey Wasserstrom Oxford University Press stars. Alexandre HuiBonHoa.

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Very open minded, no ‘bashing’ of any nation, just plain wasserstom and understanding of issues. In the second part of the book, Wasserstrom successfully clarifies our misconceptions cuina modern China by answering questions such as “why is China’s diversity overlooked? Admittedly, I felt like I knew very little about China prior to reading this book, and because of an upcoming business trip I am in cramming mode. Should be an essential carry-on item for the plane trip to China-whether in a student backpack or an executive briefcase.

I think he achieves that pretty well. To say that this is an oversimplification of China is a huge understatement.

Book review: ‘China in the 21st Century’, by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

An overview of recent history through a socioeconomic and politic perspective, but for a more varied range of subjects, try ” China A to Z: Aug 25, Josh Upadhyay rated it really liked it. Updated to include perspectives on Hong Kong’s shifting political status, as well as an expanded discussion of President Xi Jinping’s time in office, China in the 21st Century provides a concise and insightful introduction to this significant global power. Good quick summary on relevant episodes of Chinese history to understand China currently.

A consistent analytic framework in the book is one which renders the now Intended primarily for the American reader, the book makes a number of cases for the similarity despite surface differences between the United States and modern China in their separate economic and political developments.


But u need to a little of a knowledge background to understand the book. Fiercely protecting oil stocks: This book does a pretty good job at showing you how the Chinese people feel about certain event I think if you want a brief history of China this is a great book.

These are books that as a librarian I would not hesitate to recommend to readers wanting to learn more on a topic. For example, the explanation of the Taiping Rebellion, which was the first instance of total war in modern China, is too short and wasderstrom more upon the leader, Hong Xiuquan, than the actual event. Bangkok set to sparkle Sponsored by: Books by Jeffrey N.

I’m looking forward to an updated edition. Lifestyle Hong Kong stories you liked best in cchina, and some of our favourites 26 Dec The strength of the book lies in the fact that the author clearly strives to be objective. Schools of Thought 2. Further Reading at the back of the book points to a wide selection of books that will take you a long time to get through.

China in the 21st Century – Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom – Oxford University Press

Don’t write a book if you’re just going to use tons of words to try and make something look better than it is. For anyone who wants to understand today’s China, this is a terrific place to start.

A unique, but for the most part, frustrating aspect of the book is chinq way in which it is written. It is very different from any normal textbook and I would highly suggest this book for those who want to gain a new perspective on the global government and foreign relations.

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Populist Authoritarianism Wenfang Tang.

China in the 21st Century

Since I’m heading to China in a few weeks, this was a perfect, light book to help me get prepared for the trip. What Everyone Needs to Know is a worthwhile read at cina time when getting a grip on China’s background is vital.

If you cchina you know about China is that they are Communists and big, then you really need to read this book. This was a very good introduction to the country of China.

Copyright Neil Weinstock Netanel. Layout is probably the best that can be managed for the subject, and the writing is academic.

China in the 21st Century by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

But it is handy and would make a good read on the plane going over to China. Quantum Physics Michael G. China industrial development today strongly resembles the U.

Paperbackpages. This book is an excellent primer on modern China – but when I say “primer”, I don’t mean to imply that that it is simply a “noddy” guide. Quotes from China in the 21st This is a good book for those who are new to China affairs, but bad for those who are already familiar with contemporary China. Even though it is only five years old, the changes in the country are amazing. But it has some greatmostly historical, information. I’d also rather it stop referencing the Olympic Games every other example, ditch the shoddy prose and stop answering the question with its positive or negative statement form.