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Buy Storie di ordinaria follia: Erezioni Eiaculazioni Esibizioni (Italian Edition): Read Kindle Store Lui, Charles Bukowski, “forse un genio, forse un barbone”. Storie di ordinaria follia (Italian Edition) [Charles Bukowski, S. Viciani] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Storie di ordinaria follia. Erezioni, eiaculazioni, esibizioni. Ediz. speciale by Charles Bukowski, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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Very charless, in many ways, to Fellini. This film does not quite match the brilliance of Ferreri’s “La Derniere Femme” but it comes very close. For a more realistic approach check our Mickey Rourke in Barfly.

Much grittier than the accomplished “Barfly” and more watchable than “Love Is A Dog From Hell”, the entire affair has an emotional, raw resonance that slavishly captures the Bukowski sensibility and remains consistently perverse in its singular vision of a man enslaved by alcoholic and sexual gluttony. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. This s drama film—related article is a stub.

To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art. Bukowski’s “Style” is a modern classic. Neither Bukowski nor Marco Ferreri’s film will shock the audience any more.

Ferreri justifies Bukowski in the role of Gazzara,and although not his premier erotic film,Marco assures us we are not in desperation,so viva la vita,eh? Serking gives in to the temptation of the big bucks, but soon realises his mistake and returns to L.

Tales of Ordinary Madness () – Tales of Ordinary Madness () – User Reviews – IMDb

At the time, the director Taylor Hackford owned the rights to the Chinaski name, having acquired them when he optioned Bukowski’s novel Post Office. Very good Tanya Lopert too, in the role of ex-wife. I don’t care much for Charles Dollia. Hotel proprietor Judith Drake Its a fascinating glimpse of America from the outside. He gives an utterly brilliant performance, his best along with ‘The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie’, storoa love-it-or-hate-it movie.


A 40 year old man, Alfonso, finally succeeds to marry a virginal, educated, beautiful and very Catholic woman. Sometimes we have the feeling that there’s no story.

It’s in this mood of extreme depression and madness that this story goes until a tragic end. How it was possible is beyond me but Ferreri couldn’t have found a better actor than Ben Gazarra doing this job, one of his best roles! Ferreri directed like most of his films are, pretty cold, shocking, alternative but above all watchable, so this is no art-nonsense.

Storie di ordinaria follia. Erezioni, eiaculazioni, esibizioni. Ediz. speciale

This article related to an Italian film of the s is a stub. His bedmates are a midget, a string of seedy whores, and various earthy L. I can’t see why. When Charles meets the gorgeous self-destructive prostitute Cass in a charlles, he finds his soul mate and falls in love for her.

Although Serking’s life starts to look up — he actually receives a lucrative offer from a publishing house — he commits possibly his most self-destructive act when he falls in love with Cass with inevitable tragic results.

This is such an amazing looking film dii a thick, steamy, anything-goes atmosphere of lust-ridden anarchy. The other is the wince-inducing scene where Ornella Muti passes the safety pin from hell through both cheeks — she does it for real, outdoing even David Blaine for shock effect.


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A man decides to cook for himself, but finds the revolver of John Dillinger hidden in his kitchen instead. Start your free trial. Ornella Muti IS as one of Bukowski’s best known texts the most beautiful girl in the world! Ben Gazzara does a ordiinaria good drunk poet he would be better if he had a bigger belly and Ornella Muti is divine as usual.

TOOM is a slice of life film which confronts the viewer with a stark view of the world many not-comfortably settled members of our community actually live. The best that can be said for Marco Ferreri’s Tales of Ordinary Madness is that somewhere inside its unworkable blend of pretension and pornography, there’s a serious film about art and sexual abandon struggling to get out.

It’s a Marco Folla movie I don’t like his work eitherso you can bet that lots of ugly people get naked and have sex. It is after marriage that he receives a tempting offer from a French manager. Ben Gazzara has also a stunning performance in the role of Charles Serking, a man near to madness that survives drinking booze and having dirty sex.

Then he travels to Los Angeles, and has sex with bizarre women.