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Changeless reached #20 on the New York Times Mass Market Paperback bestseller list on April 3, It was the first of Gail Carriger’s books to hit the list. Changeless is the second installment in the delightful historical fantasy Parosol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. If you prefer to be unspoiled I suggest skipping this review. Dear Ms. Carriger: Changeless starts of slow and ends with a big cliffhanger.

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Weekend ending 20 April “. It felt incredibly tedious and drawn out.

Like its predecessor, this book has a mix of literary genres, combining a supernatural Victorian setting with strong elements of Steampunk.

I’m just going to say what others have already–there is a agil with this one, so make sure you’ve got Blameless changelesa hand before reading it. So, on to the specifics of what irritated the crap out of me: Alexia is more than peeved that her husband would leave without a word and decides to join him in Scotland. If this book appeals and you’ve already read Soullesstry Dead Men’s Boots: Parasol Protectorate 5 books.

For me, it doesn’t overtake the absolute magnificence that carrigrr Soullessbut it certainly makes for a respectable follow-up in a promising series. Even Ivy’s consistently hideous hats and dramatic malapropisms were worth a chuckle.

Changeless (novel) – Wikipedia

The plot takes the reader to Scotland. But it just went on and on and nothing much really happened. Want to Read saving…. Changeless, by Gail Carriger. Some new characters are introduced, notably Madame Lefoux, an inventor who likes to dress like a man.


Also, Conall does have a temper, but I still think him being so mistrusting of Alexia is vaguely out of character.

One of my few criticisms of this series is that there are no pictures or schematics of these amazing inventions.

The inciting incident in Changeless is Queen Victoria calling the troops home from India in this world, the fighting is mostly done by werewolves and the politics by vampires, which I think is a clever touch. These two snipe and insult each other, but you can changelfss the love and devotion they have with each look, smile and touch.

I think I enjoyed reading this second instalment of the Parasol Protectorate series even more than I did the first one: It seemed blatant, but then I kept getting stray comments throwing me off the trail and making me think that something else entirely was going on.

Great sense of humor. I want to see what this stuff looks like! In SeptemberCarriger’s literary agent announced that worldwide rights to adapt the first three novels in the Alexia Tarabotti series as graphic novels have been sold to Yen Press. Now I just have to decide if I’ll get my money’s worth and chaangeless the book or if I’ll pass it on without even trying it.

I’ve heard an hour so far and am enjoying it.



Gaul scene in which they were together was so much fun. The numerous checks and balances on the power of the much stronger, immortal supernaturals easily passes the smell test and satisfies the prerequisites for allowing the necessary suspension of disbelief.

And here’s what I thought once I got my hands on it. Changeless fits under the Steampunk genre. Mar 27, Stephen changeles it liked it Shelves: She does a well enough job of describing things though, it’s not as if you’re completely left in the dark.

Changeless – Gail Carriger – Gail Carriger

Preview — Changeless by Gail Carriger. One thing that might confuse readers is actually one of the draws of this series – the steampunkiness. If the answer is no, for your own sake I urge you to go to the Soulless review changelees — this series is too much fun to read in the wrong order.

He is working his supernatural agency policing and Alexia is now a secret government minister for Queen Victoria on the Shadow Council. This is the jaw dropping, doozy of an ending no one will see coming. There’s no way things changeleess eventually work out for the best. Therefore I had high hopes for this book.