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CFRB Radio. page Hubbard, Ron, scientologist. Dynamic Principle. Bridge Publication Incorporated. page Macpherson, C. B. Rules for the Rulers . Before CFRB came on the air in Toronto on February 19, , radio stations Sales manager Patrick Hurley left for CJCL to become general. After his early retirement from CFRB in , he continued to contribute “The Way I See It” to the station’s programming until Bob was a contributing editor.

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Bill Carroll, the 9 a. Rogers had an indirect effect on the development of policy for broadcasting. York Region babysitter arrested in historical sexual assault case.

The aircraft warning lights on the new towers, using the LED design, were the first to be authorized in Canada. Dave Agar stepped down as news cfrbb in favour of retaining his duties as morning newscaster.

York Region babysitter arrested in historical sexual assault case

Over more than 20 years, it became the longest running, most successful syndicated program in the history of private radio in Canada. Through negotiations with W. Each week over one million of these big spenders listen to us.

Spider Jones joined for some fill-in work. Bill Deegan also retired this year.

Cook would then return to wrap up the package with a short newscast. Rogers Radio Broadcasting CO. That sleeve became the “cathode” element, and the filament was re-named as a “heater” for the cathode. He was the 198 of well known New York freelance announcer, Paul Luther. CFRB were found in his safe. Neal Sandy overnight news came cfrg the station in June. CFRB cfrn one of several applicants seeking to use channel 9 for a new Toronto television station.


We have more than enough people to do the job. On September 16, Betty Kennedy’s show time changed to Defunct as a terrestrial radio broadcaster; continuing as an internet-only service. Marlane Oliver left in March, replaced by Jacquie Perrin. As ever, the No.

This was the CBC’s first approval of 50, watts for a private station. Arnis Peterson was on long-term disability.

Former Toronto Mayor June Rowlands passes away at 93

They then made a formal application for 3 Class I-A frequencies that were being occupied by private stations. Pat Marsden covered Blue Jays spring training. Simpson trial in Los Angeles, and numerous federal, provincial and U. Donna Tranquada left for CBL.

Ed Needham returned for p.

Lorie Russell was now managing sales for the entire Astral Radio Toronto cluster. Hal Vincent was a reporter. Chief correspondent Tayler Cfdb retired in January.

Mike Stafford replaced him in weekends. The Alternating Current A. When he refused, the station had callers pose questions to the “dummy” which were, of course, met with silence. Canada said that with WLW operating atwatts, the service area of CFRB was reduced to little more than the City of Toronto itself, and 50 miles out, the signals from Toronto were completely obliterated. Glen Crouter moved to weekends from sports, and Mike Inglis moved to sports from weekends.


Radio vet signs off as CFRB cuts back

Neal Sandy became Queen’s Park bureau chief. Jerry Wiggins joined the announce staff on October 1. A tireless newshound, Parnaby reported on the Sept. In August, Brian Linehan left.

His last show on November 1 marked the beginning of his 50th year, and followed a month-long countdown of special events and on-air highlights from his career.

York Region babysitter arrested in historical sexual assault case

The program had been running continuously since as a sponsored market report and general farm discussion feature. Bob Hesketh died February 25th, after a short illness.

On February 27, Karen Horsman left on maternity leave. And they do listen! Dfrb afterwards, Hewat began doing intermission interviews at Leafs and Marlies games and eventually became the colour man on Leafs radio broadcasts. My Star location Select Location.

Sonin had broadcasting experience with the BBC in the past. Mornings on CFRB would never be the same!