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ColdFusion added this new attribute called filename to override the filename specified in the file attribute. A sample example is below cfmail. cfmail attachment from output – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques. We are trying to have an email sent to one of our vendors that contains an order form. cfmail attachment – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques. Can someone help Please. Not till I read a message in this board did I found out that the < cfmailparam.

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I consulted with my ISP for the correct path to the file and the code worked great!

But if any of the assumptions are incorrect it could cause a problem. Greetings and thanks – I think maybe I should clarify what I’m doing. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

I have a select box with and a link on the side that Opens a pop up page and displays a browse button where they select the file. You can use this tag to include a file, such as an image, in an HTML mail message.

Sign up using Email and Password. After you’ve renamed your attachments with cffile and passed them to cfmailparamCfmil will delete them from disk for you once they have been processed by the mail spool: I designated your original reply as the answer, as that is what worked for me.

Only got news of it when someone claimed the server had process a page in ms. Once again, many thanks! The Identifier for the attached file. This seems to only work for one attachment. Ryan’s suggestion is probably the easiest solution.


This ID must be globally unique and is used to identify the file in an IMG or other tag in the mail body that references the file content. The temporary solution was to actually copy doent samples we had made in MS Word to the server, stick cfcontent, cfheader.

Mutually exclusive with file attribute.

cfmail attachment from output – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques

More info at https: Ryan Guill 9, 4 29 Chris 71 1 1. I just learned how to reply in this forum.

Files will not exist on server, we have 3rd party hosting. This should be marked as the correct attchment. I’m in a pickle I would recommend you do cffmail via Java, courtesy of the customary German robustness of Messrs. I searched for something similar to the original question and this is what I was looking for. Dungeon Hunter 8, 12 attachmenf Decode the name of the file that will be attached to a mail body.

The problem is that the vendor can not accept HTML body messages. Display a file inline in a mail message. If the server spools mail and does not deliver it right away, how would this be possible? You don’t have JavaScript enabled. Using the decode attribute. Added the attribute decode. Sign up using Facebook.

Alternatively you could call Coldfusion’s underlying Java and construct your email message with attachments from memory only, with whatever names you cfmmail. To do so, specify the variable in signs as the content attribute value, as in the following example:. I should note, I was really looking for a solution that didn’t involve reading the file in and possibly writing it outas I expect this aftachment be quite a drain on coldfusion for large files, so some way of renaming the attachment would still be preferred.


I think your reply was close to what I need, but I’m a bit confused – sorry!

cfmail attachment not found on my computer – Coldfusion – Advanced Techniques

Not used with the file attribute. What we need is im guessing a multi-part solution. Then you would just want to delete the file once you are finished. Is there anyway I can override this and specify my own filename separately from the file?


The file attribute specifies the file name to include in the mail header, not a file on the ColdFusion system From: Mutually exclusive with name attribute. I’m trying to use ColdFusion to send out emails containing attachments stored on our server.

What we need is a solution that will take the form output, and cfmal output into word doent and attach said file to the email. The ColdFusion service user default localSystem cf,ail have permission to do anything with the file system or other resource. It seems that you ahtachment need to write the output to a temporary file on the server so you can then attach it to your email.

The form and cfmail all work fine. Core Xii 4, 4 23 However, it soon gets pretty ad hoc, and is more suited to those of an artistic inclination. I can now see the sting in the tail.

So the combo box has the path of the files users want to send to people. Correct Answers – 10 points. A sample example is below. Can be a valid MIME media type or one of the following: