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Cerbera odollam, is a tree that grows in the swamp and marshy areas of India and southern Asia. Going by the common name “Pong-pong”. J Forensic Leg Med. Aug; doi: / Epub May 9. Cerbera odollam toxicity: A review. Menezes RG(1), Usman. J Ethnopharmacol. Dec;95() Cerbera odollam: a ‘suicide tree’ and cause of death in the state of Kerala, India. Gaillard Y(1), Krishnamoorthy A, .

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Take a look at the structure of cerberin, then take a look at the structure of oleandrinfrom Oleander.

The Toxin in “The Suicide Tree” Has Been Called the Perfect Murder Weapon

Sign up for our daily email here. Yeah, this is what actually kills people when death sentences are carried out by lethal injection in the United States, so you know hyperkalemia can be a bad thing. Not if she is dead. These compounds odillam used in some medications, and it’s not hard to see how a little too much of them would be a very, very bad thing.

Cerbera odollam: a ‘suicide tree’ and cause of death in the state of Kerala, India.

The odillam is greyish and rough. Kassop, David, Michael S. The Cerbera odollam is a medium-sized hardwood tree, endemic to India and southeast Asia, that can grow up to 32 feet 10 meters tall.


Her serum potassium and calcium levels were high, 7. Would it be cheaper to send her to psychological counseling? In Indonesia, oil obtained from the seeds have also been used for medicinal purposes. The seed can cause poisoning in humans and symptoms include nausea and vomiting.

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Prassas, Ioannis, and Eleftherios P. With a history of depresion and prior suicide attempts, she purchased several seeds online and ingested them 3. And in addition to all the cardiac effects, cerberin also induces nasuea and vomitting. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cerbera odollam is known by a number of vernacular names, depending on the region. Written by Joanie Faletto February 13, For another source of cerberin toxicity, check out the Coconut Crab…yes, crab, oeollam.

Cerbera odollam bears a close resemblance to oleanderanother highly toxic plant from the same family. Sadly, the Cerbera odollam earned one of its gruesome nicknames due cervera the fact that toxicologists believe that cerberz used by more people to commit suicide than any other plant on Earth.

Things that sound complicated are usually expensive, and this is no exception. Malayan Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur.

It’s a ferbera weapon that can fly under the radar extremely easily, even under the nose of medical professionals. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.


Death by Coconut Crab Nature’s Poisons. Wikimedia Commons has media odollaj to Cerbera odollam. In Burma, the seed oil is mixed with other oils to be used as insect repellent or insecticides.

By now you know not to be fooled by nature’s beauty, right? For this reason, the study suggests odoklam some cases put down to suicide may actually have been murders. Around half of the patients develops thrombocytopenia. Description A medium-sized tree growing to 15 m in height.

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Cerbera odollam – Wikipedia

My faithful readers are aware of my desire for things to be named as they are. The most popular use though is suicide, most likely because it is widely available and its lethality well know. Tropical trees and shrubs – A selection for urban plantings.

Fruits are round, 5—10 cm in odoplam, with a hard fibrous outer covering adapted for dispersal by water. Pong Pong Tree Status: The kernels of C.