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Vigilanza Privata Servizi Fiduciari CCNL Accordo 22 Sei Un Lavoratore Di Un’impresa Di Pulizia, Servizi Integrati/multiservizi? Il Fondo ASIM. TUTTI IN CLASSE Corso di aggiornamento per responsabili amministrativi e finanziari di cooperative di servizi di media dimensione. cHAPTER 0 Introduction Hera Group Consolidated Financial Report as .. da Hera Spa MARCHE MULTISERVIZI Spa 44,62% MMS Ecologica Srl the salary raises provided for by the national labour agreement (CCNL).

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In line with previous years the injury indicators are decreasing; in particular, there was a reduction in injury days. Requests for new water and sewerage connections dropped compared to the same period of the mu,tiservizi year.

There was renewed confidence in the reform process and in supporting cohesion, which could help unlock demand and investment.

From the flakes that remain at the end of the final process, a compact sheet is obtained that, once thermoformed, can be transformed into packaging material that is once again suitable for contact with food.

The entry of the corporate branch of Teseco Srl contributed with three chemical-physical plants, one inertisation plant and a storage plant, while the multidervizi of the Aliplast Group contributed with six selecting plants and three material transformation plants. Go to contents Back to Home Page.

Although recovery in Europe is greater than the trend and widely distributed, the message of the President of the BCE revolved around the three “Ps”: The Group applies a financial management approach based on risk mitigation, adopting a risk hedging policy that leaves no room for the use of derivatives for speculative purposes, derivatives being a perfect hedge of the underlying debt instruments.

Training In the first half ofthe Hera Group’s new leadership model was launched along with engagement and training initiatives involving approximately 5, people in different ways, with all Group executives and middle managers present in the classroom. In January Herambiente Spa signed a binding deal with Aligroup Srl for the acquisition of the Aliplast Group, a leading operator in the segment of plastic waste collection and recycling with subsequent regeneration, using an integrated process that transforms all waste into products ready to be reused.

The following are the most significant new items in the Agreement: However, the details reveal signs of a course-change for the future: Not including these changes in scope of operations, the increase in volumes came to 2.

Waste treatment grew by 3. In addition, in order to pave the way for integrating the business plans of the two departments, the Marketing division was placed directly under the responsibility of the CEO of Herambiente Spa. On 23 June, respecting the terms of the Agreement, 13 Municipality Shareholders sold, in a coordinated and transparent way, through an accelerated book building operation, approximately Other areas of interest. Amortisations increased due to new investments in regulated businesses and the change in scope due to the companies of the Aliplast Group and multiservkzi sales companies.


Volumes sold on the free market grew by 5.

Elenco leggi

The activities of the Multisservizi company, alongside urban waste management oriented towards biomethane production, in fact played a 2103 role in allowing the Group to operate according to the good practices of a circular economy and to continue safeguarding the environment and all localities in which the Group is present.

Hera Group’s employees with open-ended contracts as of 30 June equal 8, consolidated scope and are distributed by role as: The financial results for 1H prove to be positive once again, thanks to the contribution coming from all business areas and external growth. Note furthermore the continuous commitment to obtaining all benefits recognised by law, in particular the tax credit for research and dcnl, the increase in deductions for amortisations and the patent box.

The main reasons for this growth include: Subsequently, the correlation with official Arpae data was verified, showing good reliability of the system. In the Development, Planning and Utilities Market department, the sales structures having to do with the urban and special wastes market from the sphere of Utilities were combined with sales structures operating in the materials recovery market.

An analysis of the results achieved by management in the various business areas in which the Group operates is provided below, including: As of the half-year report, each company of the Aliplast Group is entirely consolidated and contributes to the results of the Hera Group with effects involving operations and equity backdated to 1 January Operation Centre — Municipality Dashboard The above mentioned services are included in a single IT platform called Operation Centre, a dashboard for managing the public administration services, controlling and analysing the local areas and communicate information to citizens.

In addition, Herambiente has achieved ISO certification for some of its plants.

Smart Waste An indoor prototype of a new urban waste collection system has been built that, in addition to user recognition and waste measurement, is able to deliver other innovative services for the city: This result was partially obtained thanks to the company Hera Comm Srl being awarded five portions of the default gas distribution service for the period between 1 October and 30 September and one portion of the last resort gas service for the period 22013 1 October and 30 September Regarding prices in the electricity market, the first half of showed a significant increase: At Group headquarters, investments concerned interventions on corporate buildings, IT systems and the vehicle fleet, as well as laboratories and remote-control structures.


Information system The Information Systems department is responsible for multiserviiz the development and efficiency of the Group’s information systems to support its business. The dashboard will 20133 visible through Smart blackboards available in the company. The growth rate was 1.

The European monetary policy must be persistent and cautious, with gradual adjustment of the European Central Bank’s incentive in order to ensure that this recovery be accompanied by stimulus despite factors of uncertainties Brexit, political elections, public debt consolidation, immigration, etc. Financial risk management strategy A list is provided hereunder of the policies and principles aimed at financial risk management and control, including liquidity risk, with the related default risk and debt covenants, interest rate risk, exchange rate risk and rating risk.

This growth in Ebitda can be ascribed to the good performance shown by all areas of the Group, but the energy areas in particular thanks to higher earnings in the sales business due to the new portions of the safeguarded and default markets. However, the Group remains a notch above the sovereign rating thanks to the diversification and solidity of its portfolio of regulated activities with low-risk profile, a high degree of liquidity and resilient indicators of credit worthiness.

Arpac Multiservizi

These positive effects allowed the drop in revenues in energy management to be offset. In light of the importance the Group gives to supporting such values, the recognition bestowed on it on 30 June of the current year by Thomson Reuters is all the more significant. The demo version of the dashboard was created in the Ferrara area and currently several municipalities have expressed strong interest in the instrument.

The call centre is still the contact channel most widely used by clients