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The first book in Catherine Coulter’s beloved Bride series. Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, marries the wrong woman-only to find himself haunted by a. In a display of what poses as wit in this Regency novel, the first of a trilogy, Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, tells his wife Alexandra that she is “as. The complete series list for – Sherbrooke Brides Catherine Coulter. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history.

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Evidently that is sexy, but just once I want a romance novel to talk about her stroking his furred behind. Julian and Devlin must discover what really happened three years earlier when Julian’s first wife, Lily, was found dead. All in all, a very good read.

The H cannot coutler and sends his cousin to marry the girl in his stead some accepted olden practice and bring his bride back to him. The characters are just as over the top as the setup. If having an unwanted wife isn’t enough, he is also plagued by The Virgin Bride, a ghost that is reputedly seen in the countess’s bedchamber. He must have an heir.

The book was also written in the early s and the standards for relationships in romance books were very different.

From the 1 New York Times bestselling author of… More. Constantly drooling after her perfect beautiful but stupid and mean s I’ll start with the good: God I hated him. I reviewed this book for my blog www. When Grayson picks up the cuff, he is thrown into a vision in a long ago past. All the girls in my family are 6 feet tall and could be runway models.


Jun 16, Mitashi rated it really liked it.

It was actually the hero’s attitude towards sex with his wife that disgusted me. All the Sherbrooke clan are alive, well and in rip-roaring spirits in August of When Grayson Sherbrooke takes his son Pip nearly… More.

They also never describe that he probably has a lot of ass hair as well. Coulter’s crisp, humorous dialogue and the unconventional characters in this book. A delighful cast of supporting players.

Sherbrooke Brides Series by Catherine Coulter

And the love scenes were awful in my opinion, I just felt no connection between them, and it sounded rather cold as if he was just using her. Maybe others might like this stuff, but deep, heavy romance without sweetness is certainly not my cup of tea.

When he discovers he has feelings for Alexandra, I felt like Yeah right. And so, when called to France for a special assignment, he sends his best friend, Tony, to wed her by proxy.

After all, Coulter is good at such lusty books. She married him by proxy knowing perfectly well that he intended to marry her sister. Meggie Sherbrooke, newly married to Thomas Malcom… More. She’s come to Grayson because she’s confused him with his fictional hero, Thomas Straithmore, who overcomes all obstacles and always triumphs over otherworldly evil.

He certainly does become besotted with the heroine’s I almost DNF’d, but ended up re-reading due to GR friends reviews and dived back in. Once the alliance is agreed upon, Douglas has to send his cousin to have the wedding performed by proxy since Douglas will be out of the country. It did my heart proud to see him finally get it right and he only had to realize that he was in love with Alex. Usually I don’t read caherine book without reading reviews of what other people thought of the book, but I just happened to see this book and decided to try it.


Once again the plot sounds interesting but I don’t know coluter the story will be that great. Her plot was deep too, just like her characters. He catches the valet, Jack, stealing his horse, Durban, chases Jack down, and then all sorts of interesting things happen.

Then, unfortunately, shebrrooke earl, Douglas Sherbrooke, is shot brice. Incredible, a Coulter novel without physical abuse and rape. He is a renowned womanizer, a resolute bachelor, and really enjoys brude life.

The Sherbrooke Bride

Only love would keep him from not murdering his cousin Tony for taking the only woman he EVER considered marrying. Refresh and try again.

When she overhears Colin complain that he must find a wealthy bride quickly in order to survive, Sinjun promptly introduces herself as the answer to his prayers. Douglas is Mean Hero. Thus, to her mind, Thomas is the only one to save them.

Sherbrooke Series | Catherine Coulter Suspense Thriller author book series

At the end of the series, I felt like visiting long-lost family members, and yet I was glad to go home after a short visit. I imagine they are like hard porn, you wince and are appalled that people can actually get hot watching it. Jul 21, Wendy F rated it it was amazing Shelves: