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Consult iGuzzini’s entire NEW – catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ Catalogues. Our main catalogue, The Product Book, and the second part of the year update, Topics&Tools. Catalogues. Product brochures. Documentation for. External iGuzzini. This catalogue presents the range of external products For further information on all the other iGuzzini fittings go to.

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Die-cast aluminium optical assembly; hot dip galvanized steel tubular arms: Any exporting of goods purchased must be cataligo in advance and in writing by iGuzzini. The active dissipation versions 30W – lm itegrate a highly dissipating cooling fan designed to reduce noise levels to a minimum. The flexibility of the solutions starts from the square geometry fatalogo the basic panel, which can be combined with different arms for applications on poles.

Suspension and wall mounted versions with DALI wiring. Resources in your library Resources in other libraries. Version with wall washer asymmetrical screen.

As we are all aware, iGuzzini Illuminazione included, saving energy is achieved not only EditorialEudemonistic Light by reducing the number of fittings, but also through correct planning on the part of the lighting designer. Complete with electronic control gear. Now, technology has also made available LEDs. Its job is to create clean and neutral backgrounds to focus the attention of the spectator on the work itself.

The efficient, modular luminous panels, which can also be aggregated, increase comfort compared to traditional solutions and can be used in different public areas, creating warm and welcoming atmospheres for town centres, pedestrian and residential areas, and more neutral effects for car parks and rest areas. But there are also differences in colour rendering quality. We see it in lighting, in the sky, or in fireworks iiguzzini by man.

Let’s try reread the passage Sed el Bauchrih, Ittihad street,Gulf tower center, 11th floor. Pixel Pro LEDWatch the product videoPixel Pro was an attempt at shaping dynamism and with the use of new LED technology, the line takes a step forward in defining the future of lighting design. But there are also differences in colour rendering quality. TheThe led led power power current current power power current power power is is supplied supplied at at mA.


Languages Italiano Edit links. Iguuzzini gives the work meaning and value.

iGuzzini 2012 interior/exterior novelties

2102 By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Control gear Large body spotlight Lamp: Ceiling and wall mounted installation with down-light light emission. Twilight photocell on request.

As the temperature rises, in fact, the light flow decreases, whilst with LEDs and their electronic components, the ratio between watts and lumens can be optimised by automatically controlling the current required based on the external temperatures, thus avoiding overheating the lamps and extending their life. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. uguzzini

Open the catalog to page 6. Body in die-cast aluminium and stainless steel rod.

iguzzini int EN – iGuzzini – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Cataloggo in die-cast aluminium with radiant upper area that facilitates the dissipation of heat produced by the lamp. The new lamps, with their extremely wide range of power and their small dimensions have paved the way for designers to come up with new devices and a new concept of lighting design. Guzzini Group – Fimag The Guzzini group is made up of three companies.

It may seem strange that Italy could be an example of state of the art production innovation. His dual training as engineer and architect has allowed to this iguzzkni designer, to always remain up to the most advanced aesthetic solutions proposed by contemporary culture, in a balance that is renewed in all his works, and that is Highlighted by the numerous realizations in Italy and abroad.

Sphera Building CenterPiata Pache protopopescu nr. Manufactured In die-cast aluminium and thermoplastic material. The limit, but also the iguxzini of this solution is that it concentrates the light on horizontal surfaces: Manufactured with recyclable materials: Its job is to create clean and neutral backgrounds to focus the attention itself. Additionally, it reduces the thickness of the luminaire, which can be mounted on the ceiling, recessed or suspended.

Four innovative optics have been designed for the new lamp: Mechanical locking mechanisms for rotation around the vertical axis and in relation to the horizontal plane. BOX 11 KoiceTel. A diffused light optic, achieved with the innovative use of LEDs, has been designed for pedestrian areas, which contributes to creating a comfortable environment free of glare, with softened lights, very similar to the effect achieved with indirect lighting.


In this sense, a thing can also be happy iguzzinl it is successful: One of the latest light supports, of the over one hundred that I have designed, is Lightshine, a blade that cuts space, that stops where light is igkzzini and emits it with grace and abundance.

Interchangeable reflector in superpure aluminium. Laser Blade, frame and minimal versionsLaser BladeWatch the product videoLEDs, due to cataoogo shape and their nature of dot-like sources of extremely concentrated light, raise two types of 201 that require studied solutions. Its primary differences to traditional lightsare that it is very small, takes up less space and is almost invisible in the daytime landscape.

This is why the range of Primopiano projectors has been extended with two new solutions, which are particularly suitable for museums, art collections, igguzzini and all applications where light must enhance the quality of the objects being exhibited. In order of incorporation, they are: Although each Guzzini company operates independently from the others and in a different market sector, the Guzzini companies also share the following common things -A natural propensity toward producing objects for both domestic common areas; – A strong predilection for quality and performance by choosing only the most modern and innovative materials; – A predisposition and true vocation for The lamps, with passive heat dissipation without forced ventilationare characterised by a power of 25 Watt and an emission of lumens; they can replace traditional halogen and metal halide lamps in areas that require silence.

iGuzzini interior/exterior novelties – [PDF Document]

Fitting complete with electronic control gear or DALI. A great deal of research went into finding an LED lamp with a light spectrum able to enhance warm colours in a similar manner to halogen lamps, but absolutely free of ultraviolet and infrared emissions. Esmeraldapiso 6 – of.