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Casio Edifice Wave Ceptor EQW-MDB-1AER is an amazing and handsome Gents watch. Case material is Stainless Steel, which stands for a high quality. The Casio EQW-MDB-1AER Gents Watch has boast with incredible features such as; radio controlled, solar powered, Mode dial (to the left of the main dial). Module No. (Size: KB). Terms and Conditions. Portable Document Format (PDF) documents can be read with Adobe Reader software. Important!.

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Overall it seems a very solid product, with beautiful design that have made, even my wife, think im looking more attractive. The alarm is good, but very very hard to set an accurate time due to the tiny dial you need to use. I would certainly recommend this watch. When intially looking for a watch for my partner I did not consider Casio instead was looking at far more expensive watches. The pics don’t do it justice. Good weighty chrono, stainless steel slightly shiny which may not be too some folks liking.

He certainly isnt shy and within minuets of getting my wrappers off, hes fingered all my buttons! I own a number of expensive Swiss watches but have found myself moving more and more towards Casio G Shocks with wave control and tough solar.

Was better than I expected. It is an excellent watch and I am really happy with this purchase. Brilliant product, I have been looking for a wave ceptor for a while now and this one looks great. Although Im very happy and extremely satisfied with the purchase and highly recommend this watch. Shopped at watchshop 4 times now and always had good result. It has a large, but not extremely huge, face which manages to appear minimalist at a distance, whilst containing an array of informative functions upon closer inspection.


The bracelet incidently is gorgeous, one of the reasons I opted for this over the others in the range is because of the taper from the body of the watch. The watch was easy to set up straight out of the box.

However, at all other times its hard to forget its there due to the grams weight.

This looks bulky but i was really surprise how light this is. Password Minimum 8 characters. The product I purchased for watchshop is first class, the delivery the packaging the service is outstanding. Fantastic quality time piece.

Edifice EQW-MDB-1AER – Giulian

Its nice and weighty, but not to the point where you notice after a day or 2 of wearing. Upon removing the timepiece, you can feel the weight in the unit, and this may dissuade those who dislike a wrist-watch with a heavy fasio to it.

I was met by a watch as early as its first flash of light came back to life it was already beginning to set itself. All in, a quality watch that looks great! Configurations can get a little bit complicated but read the manual it’s all in there. The price was the best I could find. Just a pity I over estimated by one link my size but I will get that adjusted no problem.

You wont regret it in any way. A final note, the picture of the watch on the site makes the carbon fibre at the base look a light blue. Please let us know. But it will only show them twice, so be ready to write down the time as soon as you stop the timer.

Timepieces (Watches) | Manuals | CASIO

The watch itself feels very expensive, the quality of materials feels just as good as that of a significantly more expensive watch, and the overall design is striking.


This is not the case in the flesh, it is a tungsten grey which I am particularly please about. I show off my stop watch features and can tell I have a very satisfied owner, but just to make sure, a world-time demonstration cant hurt. Fitness Tracker All Guides. Easily 5 out of 5 stars for this watch.

The display is built around many layers and incorporates a great deal of sometimes eye wateringly tiny detail, blending classic and modern elements of style. I bought this watch on Dec 24 from Greece which took only a few days to arrive.

I bought this watch as I wanted a waterproof watch that also did not require a battery replacement, so it fulfills my requirements totally.

I love the watch. He has had many positive comments on the watch from workmates, and so far it is proving to be a very good investment.

Timepieces (Watches)

The only thing Im worried about is the plastic bezel which doesnt seem so sturdy. As I said before, this was not my purpose for purchasing this, so it is of little concern.

The watch has red trim some of which is only apparent when looking at it from an angle. Legendary Japanese electronics company Casio is loved for its range of innovative and reliable watches. I was looking to buy a watch as my previous Seiko died on me.

It would be better to having opportunity to apply a leather strap on it. Re Watchshop’s service – first class, delivery in a couple of days, very good price.