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Full text of “Carnevil Carnevil Operations Manual” lX LISTED Operation Manual . SERIAL NUMBER SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The following safety. Midway CarnEvil Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Midway CarnEvil Operation Manual. View and Download Midway CarnEvil operation manual online. 2 Player Dedicated 25 inch Video Game. CarnEvil Arcade Game Machines pdf manual.

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Shoot ’em upRail Shooter.

Midway CarnEvil Operation Manual

Check the selector setting before switching on the game. Clean the lens to remove fingerprints and dust. This test may detect problems with ability to position the drive heads accurately over the requested data. The Clear Audits menu allows you to clear individual memory counters or to reset them all at one time.

LED 6 sound is only active in short bursts during startup.

Inspect CPU Board assembly under low-light conditions. Jumper changes for some sizes and types of ROM. Threatened by killer clowns, bats, spiders, freaks and others, the player must exterminate them all.

Carnevil Carnevil Operations Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Check connectors and cables for wiring continuity from CPU Board connectors to acceptors. This switch turns off the game, but does not reset game variables. If necessary, calibrate the shotguns. Player Starting Health and Monster Strength affect game difficulty. Do not bend the arm with excess force. LED 8 monitors a regulated power supply voltage source.


Store electronic assemblies in an anti-static area. Detail Menu screen items contain specific information. The trigger subtest senses when the triggers opens and closes.

The hard disk drive media may be defective if this routine cannot be completed successfully. These screens also simplify black level and color gun control settings. Attract Mode consists of typical game scenes and sounds, alternating with high scores. Extract the harness and the hard disk drive ribbon cable from the board connectors. Carefully note the battery position, then gently lift the contact arm to release tension.

Player 2 results appear in purple on the right. Do not operate monitor without the Remote Adjustment Board.

Four tamper resistant screws and one wrench are iocated in the spare parts bag. Static electricity builds up on your body.

This feature may be set too low. Ensure that video monitor assembly is correct for this game. Flash Brightness affects gun operation. The test determines if corrupted data is on the disk. Pull the monitor carefully from the cabinet and set it in a safe place. The Pump subtest detects when the pump opens and closes. Call your authorized distributor for help with unresolved screen messages.


Verify that game runs and completes power-up self-test sequence without any errors. You may adjust for time zone changes, clock resets, backup battery replacements, etc. Using 20 volt D. Insert a finger through the access hole under the cash tub.

Activate each switch, and the indicator on the screen changes state. Inspect CPU Board assembly. You can change DIP-switch positions with power on. Recalibrate Guns opens a menu that allows you to fine-tune shotgun accuracy. We recommend setting volume csrnevil to a moderately high value whenever you perform sound tests.

No amount of calibration and testing can fix a dirty opticai system. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Install the screws at the top and sides of the rear door and tighten snugly. Disconnect the wiring harness and the fuses from the interface board assembly. Do not force connectors; they are keyed mxnual fit in only one location.

Remove front screws and slide the meter out.