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cardwell-style-rsi — Check out the trading ideas, strategies, opinions, analytics at absolutely no cost!. The “Cardwell RSI Positive/Negative Reversal Patterns” not only identify trend changes, but also help set future price objectives in the direction. In my research I came across Andrew Cardwell who was said in a few places to be the person who really refined RSI analysis to get the most.

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I’ve taught students in my courses that I teach, golf is like trading. It’s more than just an oscillator.

Andrew, we will see you in New York. When price goes to a sri low, the RSI makes a higher low, basic divergences. Cardwell said most traders who use the RSI focus their attention on trying to identify bullish and bearish divergences. While Cardwell takes note of divergence, he said that only shows the market is overextended and needs to correct the overbought or oversold condition.

Taking RSI to the Next Level – GTLackey’s RPM

Many students have gone from being initially part time traders, to trading fulltime for a living and some onto money management. Divergences are Often Dsi. When the stock in a bullish phase, it oscillates in the range of 40 to I know I learned a ton from my time working with Andrew and hope to pass a little along here as well as give credit where credit is due.


Longer cardwelll, I’m still a bull on gold.

I have some who study basically Fibonacci patterns and they say what you’ve shown in your range rules when I see a certain range being tested like the 40 and it should be support then it complements what I’m doing in my Fib work. I have students and clients who use it in mutual funds, stocks, futures, currencies, all types of markets.

You get carxwell the trade and two days later it’s moved a lot more than you thought it would. What kind of things—sounds like you talk about that. Lastly, the above chart indicates super bearish range where the RSI tends to oscillate between range and it suggests the strong down move is very likely in the coming days. I just look at the overall structure of a market to determine where I rwi it’s going to go to.

I scanned quite often primarily two or three times a week just to look for potential set-ups to where the range rules are shifting. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But, caddwell is not until your learn the difference that you will start making money. Today’s Technical’s Write Tomorrow’s Headlines.

All would be right in the world if markets were to reverse from simple divergence. I think we rei off recently to an area of support in thelevel long term that I think is going to be the base for a move into next year that could carry gold back up to the highs that we saw before and exceed the highs. So we’re not judging relative strength to an index.


The above is the monthly chart of Reliance Industries where we will understand the Bullish range, Super bullish range, and Sideways range. With each successive new high low and divergence formed, anxious traders are ready to call for a top bottom and reversal of trend. After these brief respites the market is then ready to resume its normal upward downward trend.

RSI Courses

But I can sometimes average three to four weeks in a trade. It’s a very widely followed, but very less understood, indicator because most people are looking just for 70 and 30 and that’s what Welles had talked about—overbought levels, oversold levels.

Andrew, give us your Web site as well if people want to find out more about how you use RSI. My guest today is Andrew Cardwell. czrdwell

So I started using 60 and 20, and this is where I defined what I called my range rules. Some of them will make five trades in a day. These are not the charts I usually put up on Charlty, but if I am serious about buying something this is just one of the RSI configurations I will use in my analysis. Well, I use period on a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, minute chart, 5-minute chart.