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Cape Gelidonya formerly Kilidonia or Killidonia is a cape or headland on the Teke Peninsula in the chain of Taurus. The Cape Gelidonya Wreck: Preliminary Report*. GEORGE F. BASS. PLATES 83 Just off Cape Gelidonya, in southwest Turkey, is a row of five tiny islands. FOR PROMOTING USEFUL KNOWLEDGE. NEW SERIES-VOLUME 57, PART 8. CAPE GELIDONYA: A BRONZE AGE SHIPWRECK. GEORGE F. BASS.

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The public is left with the impression that treasure hunting must be a very lucrative business. Other ingots onboard included copper bun and slab ingots, and an unknown number of tin ingots.

Cape Gelidonya Shipwreck – Oxford Handbooks

Ethusiasts around the world jumped on the bandwagon, but it took a while for archaeologists shipwrekc catch onto the trend. These ingots were poured into moulds in wet sand.

As it sank, artifacts were strewn from the opening in its hull until it settled around fifty meters away. Cape Gelidonya and the humble beginnings of Nautical Archaeology. In additon, the baskets containing the Bronze tools were made using Near Eastern plants. Almost nothing of the hull was preserved.

He had received word that a bronze statue of the Greek goddess Demeter was pulled up by fishing nets and left on the beach, but by the time he had arrived the statue was taken and would eventually find a home in the Museum of Izmirnorth of Bodrum. The underlying theme of this time though was the importance placed on rigorous methods, including the creation of detailed site maps and plotting the location of individual artifacts or clusters of artifacts in order to understand their relationship to each other, both in the horizontal sense distribution over a given area and the vertical sense distribution underground, which corresponds with age.


At this time, the young archaeologist George Bass was working on his PhD gelodonya the University and was sent to oversee the archaeological excavation czpe the site. More recently, the discovery of a stone anchor that weighs as much as the largest anchor on the Bronze Age wreck at Uluburun believed to be 50 ft long has caused a re-evaluation of the Gelidonya ship’s size.

Initially this took the form of visiting archaeological sites and collecting antiquities to display and show off to one’s friends.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription. Unless you leave a portion of the site unexcavated, the material you dig up can never be looked at again in its original context.

However, because Cousteau and the others were not professionally-trained archaeologists, their standards of mapping and excavations were not up to the same standards as terrestrial excavations. Throckmorton urged him to preserve the site and convinced the Captain to draw a map, allegedly on the back of a napkin.

Cape Gelidonya

Some professional archaeologists attempted excavations of these materials, but because they were not divers themselves they did not participate directly in the excavations.

Archaeology essentially began after the Renaissance, when Europeans began rediscovering the past, especially the Classical shi;wreck of Greece and Rome.

Archaeologists recognized the plethora of archaeological material underwater, along coastlines, in lakes and in rivers. We know surprisingly little about certain specific details of ship construction during the Age of Exploration, and if treasure vape companies continue to destroy these wrecks, we might never learn.

The current between these islands, especially when a calm allows water backed up in the Eastern Mediterranean by the summer’s prevailing northwest wind to flow back westward, is as strong as any in the Mediterranean. Odyssey keeps their find locations secret. gellidonya

Thus every few months the news media erupts with the new discovery of a shipwreck found with “hundreds of millions” or “billions” of dollars of gold and silver coins. Bass believed the ship to be 30 – 35 ft in length.


They set out to visit a number of underwater archaeological sites and finally arrived at Cape Gelidonya, where they spent most of their time trying to identify the site. Throckmorton came to know Captain Kemal of the Mandlincia sponge fishing boat.

Cape Gelidonya – Wikipedia

Music Neuroscience Philosophy Physical Sciences. Currents were very strong, increasing the risk of kinking the air hose – which was simply a garden hose adapted for the purpose. The Bronze Age ship at Cape Gelidonya probably hit a barely-submerged rock pinnacle near the island, then drifted to the north and west before finally sinking.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The captain told Throckmorton that he knew ca;e many ancients sites that were lying on the seabed, one of which he planned to dynamite the following year. Please subscribe or login to access full text content. We began class by briefly reviewing what archaeology is and why professionalism and rigorous standards are important to the field.

Opposite to the promontory of Taurus [Cape Gelidonya] are the Chelionae, as many in number, and extremely dangerous to mariners. Most of the cargo consisted of copper ingots.

The Cape Gelidonya Excavation This site was originally discovered by local Turkish sponge divers and reported to Peter Throckmorton, and anthropologically-trained American journalist who had travelled to the south coast of Turkey to write about the sponge divers and their industry in