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Elias Canetti was a remarkable writer, but he was recently vilified for his of the still unsung pre-war masterpiece Die Blendung or Auto-da-Fé. UNSPECIFIED () Blind reflections: Gender in Elias Canetti’s Die ‘Blendung’. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW, 92 (Part 4). pp. ISSN THE VISION OF MAN IN ELIAS CANETTI’S DIE BLENDUNG. Peter Russell. Victoria University, Wellington, N.Z.. Search for more papers by this author.

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Claas rated it it was ok May 23, It is also perhaps the only book I know where the repulsion and malice the author has for blendugn characters and for his work is so pulsatingly palpable. I find it inexplicably dull. It’s a shame, because I can see that it is at times well written, and there are several really sie parts, but I can’t help it: David Harris rated it it was ok Mar 18, He is deeply bereaved, since to him the books are more important than people:.

Canetyi have to be trodden on, to be trampled into slime and splinters, as he had done once when he was a child at the seaside Canetti drags out details and minute scenes into several pages – sometimes chapters!

The God-monster’s version | Books | The Guardian

Yet if Brecht, whom he met and xanetti in Berlin in the late s, surrounded himself with female canwtti who were also his lovers, Canetti courted women who were fellow writers or artists.

Pretentious, misogynous book by the same kind of author. Within days of marriage, the two enter a violent and divided existence, and Kien becomes deeply agitated when cut off from three-quarters of his library to accommodate a separate living space for his bride. Not one for me to keep in my library, and I’m not sure that Kien would add to his own vast collection either. She followed the Canettis to London, where a wealthy cousin lived on Hampstead’s Downshire Hill, and is portrayed in Veza’s autobiographical novel, The Tortoises With stunned admiration Canetti observes at a Mayfair reception how the octogenarian Bertrand Russell walks off with one such beauty a quarter of his age moments after he had finished a public conversation and, laughing with joy, clapped eyes on her for the first time: Canetti’s chapter on his lover for three years from challenges recent portraits of both of them.


De twee hoofdpersonen zijn onrealistisch en lijken alleen gemotiveerd te worden door haat en zelfbescherming. Each morning the Reverend and Mrs Toogood carry their excrement to the garden on newspaper to make compost. Every time I picked it up I read a few pages, found myself bored and uninterested, and put it down again to go read something else.

Maybe it’s better in the original German. Open Preview See a Problem?

I wish there was an additional star or something, for books that you can see are good, but just does not suit your tastes. Since late s he lived in London and Zurich.

I rather liked the character, Kien. He chronicles his encounters with literary and public figures with the intention of giving a picture of England “in the middle years of the century”.

After a serious dispute, Kien leaves the apartment and lives for a while in hotels. I found Canetti’s writing — or perhaps C. Like fellow refugee, Norbert Elias, the great cultural historian who was almost un-known until his 70s, Canetti wrote in German, the language of culture for anyone born within the orbit of the Habsburgs. I have, even though I hate doing it, decided to leave it unfinished, because I can’t keep up reading a book that bores me to tears especially such a long book, with such tiny typeface!

The protagonist is Herr Doktor Peter Kien, a famed and famously reclusive forty-year-old philologist and Sinologist who is uninterested in human interaction or sex, content with his monkish, highly disciplined life in his book-lined apartment in Vienna. I can’t even imagine why anyone would be so up-in-arms. Teacher too, and inspiration.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Despite the interdicts in his will, Johanna Canetti, his heir and daughter from his second marriage, has decided that his London diary “From England”, as he called it could after all be released before In this world, it starts with money.

I am laughing out loud and find myself repeating some of the writing out loud as i read. He both liked and attracted listeners and he listened with passion to others himself.

Is there anyone out there that likes this book? Maybe that makes me some kind of philistine, but what the hell. So much crazy, all in one book!


Die Blendung

The novel’s hatefulness was not within its author, as readers to this day sometimes assume, but in the world out there whose folly he caanetti. I rather disliked it- reading it was torture. Ik vond de eerste bladzijden goed; het verhaal was interessant en werd vanuit de vreemde gedachtes van de twee hoofdpersonen beschreven. Die Figuren sind schemenhaft gearbeitet und zeigen doch den Wahnsinn der alltaeglichen, wie auch der wissenschaftlichen Vernunft.

Maybe I’ll give it blendujg go sometime before I die. But Kein was surreptitiously contemplating the skirt She needed ideas and characters for her novels and she gets this “booty” from her many and varied lovers “each one a specialist in his field I suppose they are meant to be, you aren’t really supposed to feel sympathy for any of them, so that worked, I guess. His “pupil” from the age of 19, Benedikt was from a rich and distinguished Viennese family.

I found the reading canteti the first caneyti of the book truly exhausting. He writes them and then gives them to a colleague to read before the assembly, while he stays at home in his library. Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for writings marked by a broad outlook, a wealth of ideas and artistic power.

Dje he recognised too much of himself in the domineering young Brecht, his portrait of him in The Torch in my Ear could be bledung form of self-caricature. She shows interest in learning, and he begrudgingly lends her the most beat up book in his collection, believing she would defile the nicer editions.

Wedgwoodrefers to the burning of heretics by the Inquisition. He has had a number of maids throughout the years who take care of cooking and other matters, while cleaning his books on a regular basis.