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geordnete Liste aller traditionellen Kartenspiele und Dominospiele für mehrere Spieler, deren Spielregeln auf Deutsch vorliegen. Canasta, 2, 3, 4, 2×52+4J. Spielen Sie Rommee Kartenspiele wie Deutsches Rommé, Kalooki, Kanasta, sehr leicht zu erlernendes Spiel, bei dem die Spielregeln relativ einfach sind. Title, Spielregeln: Rommé, Canasta, Samba (3_1hne_1hnr Canasta). Publisher, F. X. Schmid, Length, 40 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote.

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Danach wird der Stapel bei diesem Solitaire, auf den die Karten kamen, die nicht im Zweierpack rot und schwarz waren, wieder gemischt und es beginnt eine neue Runde.

The player may meld some cards and must do so if taking the discard pile. With some restrictions, wild cards can be used during the game as substitutes for a natural card of any rank.

If any spielregln cards are added to a previously pure red canasta, it thereby becomes mixed black. Ladinisch Watten siehe Blind-Watten. Es spiwlregeln pro Tag 5 Ligaspiele gegen denselben Gegner erlaubt. Wenn man gewinnt, liegen am Ende 12 Paar mit Bildern darauf da.

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Dann sind alle Karten ausgelegt und man kann mit dem Verschieben beginnen. Montag, 31 Dezember, Only one has to meld, but the other must be able to either add caanasta the cards already on the table or put down his own set of three or more cards before he can pick up his missy.

This newer version of Canasta incorporates some features from the variants Pennies from Heaven and Hand and Foot. The same happens in the unusual case where a player draws two red threes as the last two cards of the stock.

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The rules were standardised in North America aroundand it was this version of the game, which will be called Classic Canasta on this page, that gained worldwide popularity. If a player draws a red three as one of the last two cards of the stock, no replacement card can be drawn, and it is treated as a one-card draw as above.


Rickety Kate siehe Hearts. Please enter your name here.

Golf mit 6 Karten. Golf mit 9 Karten. Ansonsten kommen sie auf canatsa eigenen Stapel. As with other natural melds, a dirty ace meld begun with one wild card cannot have a second wild card added until it contains five real aces.

In this game, twos and jokers are wild, and threes are special. The modifications to the rules are as follows. I know regln played the game before we were married, so it is probably a forty to fifty year tradition in our family. Even with this older rule, it is still the case that the pile can only be spielrgeln if the player has in hand two natural spiekregeln matching its top card. The dealer shuffles and the player to dealer’s right cuts.

Unless you have completed a special handit is not legal in this version of Canasta to go out by melding all your cards – you must have a card to discard at the end of your turn. As the game evolves, inevitably many playing groups develop their own table rules, and some groups continue to play by older rules that have been superseded in other places. Any cards melded by a partnership which are the same rank as one of their existing melds are automatically merged into that meld, provided that the limit of three wild cards is not exceeded.

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Violating these rules may result in penalties. In doing this you will score the extra bonus for going out concealed.

This page is maintained by John McLeod john pagat. Dadurch sollte sich die Form eines Rades ergeben und die 8 Karten dienen dabei als Speichen.


Das Spiel kennt zahlreiche verschiedene Arten. Melds of sevens and aces are subject to some special rules and restrictions. We have seen that if you have not yet melded, the discard pile is frozen against you. The object of the game is to score points by melding cards. The game can also end if the stock pile runs out of cards: Das war Einiges zu Solitaire.

For example, if there is a five on top of the pile and another five buried, you cannot use a single five in your hand to xpielregeln the pile and meld the three fives.


Threes cannot be melded in the normal way. After the bonuses have been calculated, the cards melded by each team are counted using the standard values – see general rules.

Brag mit 3 Karten. Elevator siehe Oh Hell! Trips to Win 5 Card Draw Poker. The threes have special functions and values, depending on which variation of Canasta is being played.

Wenn ein Herz dabei ist, legen Sie es beiseite.

If the last card drawn from the stock is a three the game ends immediately. London Lowball 7-card Stud Poker. The dealer reshuffles the cards and lets his right-hand neighbour cut the deck.

Late Show Poker siehe Low Hole. Lowball 5 Card Stud Poker. Those who have adopted it enjoy its stricter rules and find canaeta classic version too easy in comparison.

Vergessene Reports werden mit Verwarnungen oder cansta Wiederholungsfall mit einer Sperrzeit behaftet. Einer ist immer der Arsch siehe President. Melds can grow as large as you wish.

From there it spread to Argentina, the USA and throughout the world.