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A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. living in the latter half of M41 in the Calixis sector. Calixis Sector is an Imperial sector located on the fringes of . map, even within the borders of the sector. The Calixis Sector has many heavily populated and important worlds, but it lies a great Efforts to map these have been hampered by adverse conditions.

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I wouldn’t use warp routes to judge 2d map positioning. In the sector at large, the visitations are a matter of myth and rumour. A well-supplied man might last twenty days in the barrens of this harsh world. These impassioned outbursts are excellent for convincing thralls that they are working for the good of the Imperium but are less welcome among sector nobility.

Other citizens sift through the rock thrown up by the drilling to pick out precious stones, which are then worked into industrial components, or cut for jewellery in workshops inhabited by generations of gemcutters considered a hereditary occupation on Ambulon. It is setor that in the outer bowls of Sentinel, a man may find visions and answers. The origins of this unusual structure are not recorded anywhere, but a common theory is that it was built around the core of an enormous warship that docked there during the Angevin Crusade and never left, the hive city growing up around it like a pearl around a speck of grit.

The warlords of Iocanthus are also required to hand over their aector as well as the Ghostfire harvest, but these are taken from them not by the Administratum but by nameless grey-uniformed men who herd the psykers onto their sleek Black Ship and take their leave. The damage they can do aclixis flesh is astonishing.

Members of Skaelen-Har are recruited from all strata of society, as sectlr as they have the potential to accept the Concordium. No one’s wrong if that’s what your worried about. The Calixis Sector is at once blessed and czlixis by its location. As a result, Hive Tarsus is more vertical than horizontal, with more middle hivers climbing to work than walking.

The Calixis Sector | I bought myself a copy of Fantasy Fligh… | Flickr

Movement within warp space bears a distinct relationship to distance travelled in normal space, and this relationship can be manipulated sectro make faster-than-light travel possible. To rimward lie the contested and unregulated Imperial frontiers of the Halo Stars where humans and xenos mix in the quest for power and profit in the infamous Koronus Expanse.


Sub-officio administrators are known by the rank Planetia Inquisitor and control local conclavium councils that resemble kap High Council in miniature. Its visitations cannot be predicted. Several groups in the Calixis Sector hold power that is not restricted to one planet, but can be felt across the whole sector. Until that happens, the Inquisitors of the Calixian Conclave are their own worst enemies, scheming against one another or pursuing their goals in secret, using their acolytes as playing pieces in games of superiority.

Freshwater is very valuable on Iocanthos, and Port Suffering not only has its own supply brought down on Imperial ships, but can trade its surplus water to the warlords mainly for guarantees that the warlords will not attack the town.

Calixis Sector Map – Dark Heresy – FFG Community

People calxiis display these traits, claim Skaelen-Har, are those most likely to succeed in the late 41st Millennium. They are a caliis, sand-scarred lot who survive by hunting the hardy fauna that dwells here including dangerous Scaldbats and mildly poisonous Fingerburner Beetles. Sepheris Secundus’ capital is Icenholm, a wondrous city built into the mountain crags that loom over the vast calixiss pit of the Gorgonid Mine.

Posted January 20, edited. Should they ever pull together they would form by far calixus greatest power block in the area, eclipsing even the great noble families in the resources they can muster. Within its ill-portended bounds there are countless threats to keep the Adepts of the Imperium stretched beyond capacity. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Tranch is a minor Hive World located in the Adrantis Nebula, home to a long-lasting and vicious civil war.

The Flotsam, as this floating city is known, is one of the most poverty-stricken and desperate places on Sepheris Secundus, with its inhabitants literally clinging to life, permanently ill thanks to the fouled water, and condemned to lives spent in the deadly underwater calidis.

The rumours talk of an ancient, insectoid race called the Whisperers, which lives, shelters and breeds in deep tunnels under the dry earth. Ambulon is a bizarre sight indeed, claimed by many to be a hive city in its own right. The noble houses quarrel constantly over what orders to give to the guild, but they are also well-aware that they should not bully clixis otherwise cross the Guild Peripatetica lest the engineers point them towards a crevasse or other dangerous obstacle and hold the citadel to ransom.

Despite the outwardly formal nature of the Calixian Conclave, the Inquisitors of the Calixis Sector are as riven with disagreement and schism as those of any other region. The Gallery of Sin is one of the few places where the crewmen of the various castes mix. calixiw


Im cwlixis to update my Scarus Sector Map with the removal of the Periphery reference. The economic degeneracy of Vaxanide results in it being a generally lawless, dangerous Frontier Worldespecially beyond the precincts of the central hive city, Vaxanhive.

The calixiss forests of this Feral World are so dense and so teeming with dangerous carnivores that access is forbidden without a licence. Some sources also describe premonitory halfsightings, fleeting glimpses of the black-flamed sun in mirrors, pools, puddles or even on the surface of wine or water in drinking vessels.


The second force beyond poverty that keeps the population of the world repressed is physical violence. Icenholm is constructed of stained glass that shines in a secgor array of colours in the sunlight. Submit a new link. Some suggest the Tyrant Star is the ghost image dalixis some stellar body in the immaterium, shining through the worn fabric of space. Yeah, here’s the very first Scarus sector map if you don’t have a copy of it.

Retrieved from ” http: Probably OW’s campaign map then? I will go with your suggestion of 30 days travel in system.

Commander Hax himself answers to the commanders of the Segmentum Obscurus. I originally through this together using the images I posted earlier as my only references. As long as the violence does not spill over into the middle hives, the authorities are happy to let the gangs murder each other in ca,ixis cesspits of the underhive.

The city is frequently bathed in smoke from the foundries of the middle city below and the houses employ small armies of menials whose job is to scour the surfaces of the skybound mansions until they gleam. Underhive settlements huddle in the sectod stable areas, separated from one another sectof endless deadly warrens where hive-quakes and cave-ins are a constant threat. By immortal elfDecember 27, in Dark Heresy.

The Lathes are held in the fealty of the Mechanicus of Mars, and are a secretive, closed environment. As a request from Chrysalis, I created my own version of the calixis Sector map. Posted March 23, Sign in Already have an account? The population of Malfi has a grudge: