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Busting the Bocage: Hedgerow Fighting with the 2nd Ranger Battalion. This scenario pack depicts fighting involving the US 2nd Ranger Battalion on and shortly. Buy Busting the Bocage: American Combined Operations in France, 6 June July by Michael D. Doubler, Combat Studies Institute (ISBN. Im playing the missione busting the bocage, but i do not understand one thing. The tactic is: 1. move the rhino through the bocage to create a.

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Advanced Tobruk System Basic Game II: Busting the Bocage | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Blumenson, Breakout and Pursuit, 78 — While commanders throughout First Army developed new tactical methods that capitalized on the firepower and mobility of the combined arms team, the tactics used within each division were somewhat different.

General Gerow ordered the 2d Division to once again attack and seize Hill Because the fields are small, about by yards in size, and usually irregular in shape, the hedge- rows are numerous and set in no logical pattern.

When the tank-infantry forces were prepared to conduct the final assault, artillery fires were lifted upon request and then shifted onto other enemy targets beyond the objective. Combat in the hedgerows emphasized the need for compe- tent, assertive leadership in commanders at all levels.

The adoption of new tactics combined with technical innovations and good small-unit leadership enabled American forces to defeat a well-prepared and skillful enemy. For the most part, solutions bsuting the problems confronting American units were both technical and tactical in nature.


Green troops of all ranks had a tendency not to move under fire, preferring the 27 Infantrymen crouching behind bushes atop a hedgerow protection of the closest cover or simply hugging the open ground. For the other units in Busfing Army, their initial expe- rience in combat would be among the Normandy hedgerows. For example if you need to breach bocage but you know or suspect an AT Gun might have that area under observation, butsing would you use?

Busting the Bocage (1st Edition)

To achieve this purpose, a commander established a clearly defined physical objective toward which all efforts could be directed. Weeks might pass before enough dozer tanks became available to allow widespread armor operations through the hedgerows. Army planners refused to incorporate a tank battalion into the standard organization of the infantry division. The bustign elements consisted of an infantry squad, an engineer team, and a tank section see figure 4.

Infantrymen strapped one phone onto the rear of a Sherman’s back deck and then connected it by wire to a second phone located inside the tank’s turret. Those mortars wreak havoc on the back side of bocage. Tank- infantry coordination was particularly poor and resulted in violent outbursts between tankers and infantrymen. Engineers had the overall mission of increasing combat effectiveness through acts of construction or demolition designed to facilitate friendly movement or to hinder the enemy’s mobility.

Maurice rated it liked it Feb 01, The scenario was designed so that you could get a feel for the different ways in which the Allies would breach bocage. The principal reason was the proper use of tank-infantry-engineer teams. Every tank company had three platoons and a headquarters section of two tanks.


Infantrymen then connected a field telephone to the end of the trailing wires and talked with the tank’s crews from a safer position. Blumenson, Breakout and Pursuit, —57; and U.

By using such back-deck telephones, soldiers could direct tankers against concealed German positions. During the movement one man was shot by a sniper firing one round. Macon, relieved the battle-weary st Airborne Division and then occupied static defensive positions near Carentan.

Viking Press, Likewise, battalions attacked on fronts as narrow as yards in order to seize a group of adjacent hedgerow fields. The adoption of new tactics combined with technical innova- tions and good small-unit leadership enabled American forces to defeat bodage well-prepared and skillful enemy. Best to blast it heavily for a minute or two, then remove HE from the equation to stop friendly fire, while still pouring on mg fire and run up an assault team or two.

Rundstedt disagreed with his most trusted subordinate, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. In Normandy, First Army gained institutional experience busring how to conduct large-scale maneuvers, and inexperienced troops became either casualties or seasoned veterans. Army, “Tanks with Infantry.