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A major figure in the history of post-Revolutionary literature in Mexico, Juan Rulfo received international acclaim for his brilliant short novel Pedro Paramo (). The Burning Plain by Juan Rulfo Translated by George D Schade. University of Texas Press (Spanish ) Paperback First Collection. A major figure in the history of post-Revolutionary literature in Mexico, Juan Rulfo received international acclaim for his brilliant short novel Pedro Pá ramo.

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As long as buurning go far away, where I won’t hear anything more of you. First, I started writing fiction and realized that writing would only ever be possible if I started reading. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

The Burning Plain

Another story is about a band of guerrillas fleeing from the army’s forces, only to be picked off later by vengeful Indians. Although these articles may currently differ in style from others on the site, they allow us burnning provide wider coverage of topics sought by our readers, through a diverse range of trusted voices. Your mother had to give you water, because you’d finished all her milk.

Other books in this series. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 12mm His face, discolored, bloodless, reflected the opaque light. You’ll have to stand it.

None of the books I read growing up came close to the real-life stories my uncle, Tio Nico, used to tell me — like uuan story from the s where the Texas Rangers almost shot his cousin dead along the border; or the one from the s when Indians kidnapped my great-great-grandfather in northern Mexico and brought him to this side of the Rio Plsin. As long as you do that–Because as far as I’m concerned, you aren’t my son any more.

Excerpted by permission of University of Texas Press. The Burning Plain short stories by Rulfo.


There was the moon. From that time on I said, ‘That one cannot be my son. University of Texas Press. Though his legs were buckling on him, he didn’t want to sit down, because then he would be unable to lift his son’s body, which they had helped to sling on his back hours ago. They say there’s a doctor in the town. The long black shadow of the men kept moving up and down, climbing over rocks, diminishing and increasing as it advanced along the edge of the arroyo.

May 13, 4: When I was a kid, hearing someone say “you must read this” actually made me not want to read the book. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of The moon was rising, almost blue, in a clear sky.

The one who gave you your name. I’m sure as soon as you feel well you’ll go back juuan your bad ways. Lucatero begins the story by cursing the women who have come to visit him saying: From the first you’ve caused rklfo nothing but trouble, humiliation, and shame. The Burning Plaina collection of short stories one of the same name by Juan Rulfopublished in Because you were her son.

At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. Juaan thought when you grew up you’d look after her.

But that doesn’t matter to me any more.

To say I felt myself transported back to the time of distant relatives sounds overly sentimental. She would’ve haunted me if I’d left you lying where I found you and hadn’t picked you up and carried you to be cured as I’m doing. Interested in participating in the Publishing Partner Program? The short stories in El llano en llamas are set in the harsh countryside of the Jalisco region where Rulfo was raised.


Post-revolutionary scenes in Llano Grande in the state of Jalisco overcome the rural limitations of these tales about the Mexican Revolution. These stories of a rural people caught in the play of natural forces are not simply an interior examination of the phenomena of their world; they are written for the larger purpose of showing the actions of humans in broad terms of reality.

El Llano en llamas – Wikipedia

With a few bare phrases the author conveys a feeling for the bleak, harsh surroundings in which his people live. And you can’t see Tonaya, or hear any sound that would plwin us it is close. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Back cover copy ‘The Burning Plain and Other Stories consists of fifteen pieces ranging from brief anecdotes, casual incidents that remind one of ‘happenings’ in pop art to short stories. I remember taking a copy of The Burning Plain with me to Mexico when I was researching some of the material for my own novel.

I never thought that in time this madness would go to your head.

Rulfo has an eye for the depths of the human soul, an ear for the ‘still sad music of humanity, ruofo and a gift for communicating what takes burnijg internally and externally in man. Born and raised in the border town of Brownsville, Texas, he now teaches creative writing at the University of Texas, Austin.

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