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Bucyrus (Caterpillar)Electric drive Bastholes (drills). We also support our customers with all kind of repairs for all electric/electronic control systems on eletric drill. MAKE: Bucyrus. MODEL: 49HR. YEAR: HOURS: 0Hrs Unused. PRICE: POA. ​. 1 UNIT AVAILABLE. ​. CONTACT: Chris Reeves: + 61 SOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — From Bucyrus International comes news that one of its 49HR rotary blasthole drills equipped with a.

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Sandvik’s new joint business area Equipment. Following the walkway to the rear leads past a detailed bucyus and warning notices to a set of stairs which has excellent mesh treads.

Mutamba pilot plant commissioned Industrial minerals 11 DEC The drill motor is fixed to a trolley which travels up and down the mast using a rack and pinion system. It looks impressive and the 49he roof provides interest when showing off the model.

Bucyrus commissions 49HR rotary blasthole drill equipped with high altitude compressor option

The work platform area is surrounded by convincing handrails and chains, and fine mesh walkways, and there is a drain cover at the foot of the mast.

Two drill rods are provided, one short and one long, so it is possible to pose the model drilling with either. In case you still have problems logging in, please turn to us by e-mail: The mast is a very good heavy lattice construction which includes toothed racks for the drilling equipment drive, and a ladder which is complete with safety cage. The drilling machinery is very detailed with motors to drive the drill rods and the pinion drive that pushes the drill down.


Sandvik’s new joint business area Equipment 17 MAR Mutamba pilot plant commissioned. Staying the coarse Equipment 17 OCT Bucyrus 49HR compressor commissioned. This design allows constant pressure to the drill head when drilling. Plenty of opening doors to allow access for maintenance.

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Overall This is a very good addition to the mining sector where 49yr models have often focussed on prime movers and excavators, and Bucyrus are to be commended for commissioning the 49HR. Price This is a fairly unique model and does not have any easy comparison with other models.

Bucyrus 49HR compressor commissioned

There are a number of opening doors on the model to the cab, the engine room and equipment cabinets. The drill motor sits on a frame which travels up and down the racks on the mast and is moved by using two supplied keys.

Login E-mail address Password? The model is completed with some metal drill rods which have finely detailed drilling heads at the end.

BUCYRUS (Cat) Drills : 49HR / MD Cat

As soon as you are registered, you can login with your e-mail address and your password. There are four stabilisers and these have large pads on the end of realistic hydraulic pistons.


Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes. Over any ground Equipment. The 49hrr 49HR is a hard rock drilling rig used in opencast mines for rotary drilling holes which are later packed with charges and fired to break up the rock and enable easier excavation by shovels and draglines. Plant commissioned at Forrestania.

Please enter a valid e-mail address. Within the radiator room is a large cooling fan and this actually turns. Instead they are mini pistons which can be extended and retracted and are stiff enough buxyrus hold a set position. Have you forgotten your password? Sandvik’s new joint business area.

Overall it is highly recommended.

Bucyrus 49HR compressor commissioned – Mining Magazine

The roof of the model has three removable panels and when these are taken off the very detailed interior is revealed. Terex adds deck screens. Dellner launches heavy-duty brakes Equipment 15 JUN A double sided instruction leaflet is provided and it is very good, with clear photos and a listing of parts.

CP compressors support drilling in India. Bucyfus hook modelled is very small and unfortunately it therefore does not have enough weight to keep tension on the winch string so it does not hang realistically.