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Buck has ratings and reviews. Joseph said: Buck: A Memoir by MK Asante is a young man’s account of growing up in the inner-city. Asante has an. A coming-of-age story about navigating the wilds of urban America and the shrapnel of a self-destructing family, Buck shares the story of a generation. MK Asante grew up in in north Philadelphia or as he calls it, “Killadelphia.” In his new memoir, Buck, he details how he went from a drug.

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Buck: A Memoir

Buck illustrates Asante’s struggles with the disintegration of his family and the city’s urban mmk. The alternative school helps him find his own voice. When Malo is arrested, he refuses to phone his father, not wanting to give into his own need, or to see his father’s disappointment. I don’t think so. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the story of a boy growing up in Philly in tough circumstances.

The poem “Buck” is one of his own. Things don’t look so great for Malo, the young buck. If you don’t know the difference between “nigga” and the N word, and who bukc say it and who can’t, move on to the next selection on the shelf. It’s about mis-education, re-education, self-education, street education.

I feel like the kids in school should get this to read, and they’d be able to connect with it waaayy way more than Catcher in the goddamn Rye. The book Buck By M. Inspired by afrocentricity and reading our protagonist finds the strength to define himself and chase his dreams of becoming a writer. Buck is a powerful memoir of how a precocious kid educated himself through the most unconventional teachers—outlaws and eccentrics, rappers and mystic strangers, ghetto philosophers and strippers, and, eventually, an alternative school that transformed his life with a single blank sheet of paper.


He has been deprived of his childhood somewhere along the way. His work is unmistakably art. A gym is a safer place than the streets His father left them, his mother takes anti-depressants, his stepbrother goes to jail, and his sister is in and out of mental institutions.

The acting out and the anger is easily identifiable, because the family structure is broken, the secondary institutions are broken and the community is in chaos. However, it is a chain of events that puts his life on a different path; it’s not religion or some miracle, but smart and practical thinking.

How far we seem to have come in ten years, all of us. Jun 24, Zoeytron rated it really liked it Shelves: Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Memoirs as a whole are not my first choice, but this one spoke to me. Jan 31, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: May 13, Pages. The school principal wants to talk to his family, but nobody is available.

Asante is a hip-hop raconteur, a storyteller in the Homeric tradition, an American, a rhymer, a big-thinker singing a song of himself. Later on when we’re boarding the bus, he finds me in my seat and passes it to me like, here have it, I just finished it.

I especially appreciated the writing style: The book was really about his struggle through life because of family problems. A powerful and captivating book. In the early 90’s I managed a couple of Black bookstores and one of our most popular titles was Afrocentriciy by Molefi Asante. With his older stepb In the early 90’s I managed a couple of Black bookstores and one of our most popular titles was Afrocentriciy by Molefi Asante.


As long as those things don’t bother you, “Buck” is a compelling memoir. The Quaker school, though some of the staff appeared to mean well, either wrote Malo off as a bad seed and face it, how many academics want to hear “fuck you” from an angry student?

I perceived it to be cheesy. Views Read Edit View history. She isn’t worried about the fact that he and a friend regularly steal her car and ride around in it until dawn, even though he is way too young to even have a learner’s permit. A two parent household doesn’t guarantee one will be kept from the vices of the hood. One can tell words, descriptive words, are his passion. Drugs, sex, violence — all conspires to destroy him too.

Asante’s work reflects long study and practice of his craft — to say nothing of great giftedness as a writer.

It’s about growing up in North Philadelphia in the s. It is rare to find a book that changes your opinions. Carry a piece of it with you forever. Every fifty years or so, a book is written with the power to change lives and reveal a totally new way of looking at the world.

As a retired language arts and history teacher, I find this dreadful. In fact, that city is the true star of this book. The Los Angeles Times wrote:.

‘Buck’ Tells Of Wild Childhood In ‘Killadelphia’ : NPR

This is a fascinating memoir, but it reads more like a superb novel. Coming of age in Killadelphia”. Asante Your purchase helps support NPR programming.