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How to Configure Broadband On BSNL Teracom Modem in PPPoE Mode To configure BSNL Broadband Internet on Teracom modem, we don’t need to run the. Hello, This is my last resort of finding some help to help me connect to internet. ISP: BSNL The gave me wired model Type 1 (TeraCom) I. For this setup, BSNL modem comes with a CD, which frankly speaking, is the worst manual I have ever seen. We have to wait for almost a week.

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How to: Configure Modem & LAN settings for your BSNL Broadband Connection – InTechgrity

Tosh, Can you tell me the exact configuration details provided by your private ISP? Thanks Gopi for adding value to this post. But i was unable to find usb setting for that port.

You should configure the Tearcom LAN and connect multiple computers. If you reset the modem to its factory default, you need to reconfigure it get Internet access. You must configure the modem in PPPoE.

You have to press it using a pen for at least 30 seconds. Trish, Power off the modem for 2 minutes and power it back. I think teracom modem is good one from BSNL.

Is this modem free moden BSNL? Hi Prajith, Seems a very strange issue. Hop this will help.


Hi Sivakumar, Confgiuration recommend you to follow the instructions provided in the link below. This will take you to the Modem Configuration page. To configure wireless after it, follow the link below. Santhosh, If you are using Android Smartphone, you can create a WiFi network without going for unnecessary troubles by simply enabling WiFi Hotspot feature on the phone.


Actually when I enter Forums New posts Search forums Subscribe. All I can suggest is to send an email to their technical support wing using the email address info apptelnet.

Need help to connect wireless – BSNL Teracom modem / CompUSA Router / Windows Vista (Urgent)

Please verify Internet configuration in Teracom first before start troubleshooting your Android phone. I do not think you can configure Teracom modem in station mode to accept signals from other APs. Thank you for your post.

Hi Jagan, It is normal, modem produces heat while it is working. Even bsnl guys cannot restore wifi connection.

How to: Configure Modem & LAN settings for your BSNL Broadband Connection

The configuration step is same for most of the BSNL type 2 modems. When i go to I think nodem might mistype the username or password.

Which had a open wifi network I connect to use the Internet. Even if you have your username and password and your link is connected then also, you can not get connected to broadband without proper setting of your ADSL modem and LAN. If the issue persists flash the firmware. Under admin, you can see firmware upgrade.

However after sometimes it shows error and no login page appears. It is very much simple… Just follow the steps…. I have a version of this teracom modem with just one lan port.

Hi Naveen, I have no experience with using apptel broadband and I do not know how to configure their modem. Hi George, I followed the above mentioned steps, but I am getting an Error This is how I have configured mine.


Simply follow these instruction: I’m havin dis bsnl modem The printer’s WiFi signal is searching for signals but it is not able to find a device.

Try to remember the user name and password in case if you use custom user name and password for your BSNL modem. My previous article was about setup Internet connection on Teracom router. Choose the hard reset. I recommend you to follow the steps provided in the link below. If it fails to authenticate then check your BSNL manual to get the username and password.

WEP 64 bit encryption can use Hexa decimal keys and it should be 10 digits. Add pvc name Airtel vpi 1 vci 32 service category: Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. What settings do I need to do so that my desktop doesn’t connect to internet directly?

I got one call from BSNL they said to follow some instructions to update modem. However, your computer connects to WiFi once you use static IP address and I suggests you to keep the same IP address as long as you are not having any issues to connect. In this tutorial, you will see both methods irrespective of the modem vendor and version. Tick enable Select Country: To learn how to configure various versions of BSNL modems, click on the links below.

I m so worried about this