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1 [ LAPORAN KASUS ] BRONKOPNEUMONIA ON PEDIATRIC PATIENT Andy Samuel Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Lampung Abstract Bronkhopneumonia. Infeksi susunan saraf pusat. In: Soetomenggolo TS, Ismael, editors. Buku ajar neurologi anak. Jakarta: Balai Penerbit IDAI; p. Buku Ajar Respirologi Anak, edisi pertama, Jakarta, Badan Penerbit IDAI, p Setiawati L, Iskandar D, Setyoningrum RA (). Pneumonia. Pedoman.

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Risk factor of bacteremia in children with pneumonia.

User Username Password Remember bronkopneummonia. Clinical Practice Guidelines The difficulty of diagnosis, the selection of a less appropriate antibiotics, side effects, differences in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drug in infants and antibiotics resistance is to be a problem in itself. The aim of this research to analyze antibiotics therapy in patients with pneumonia of children aged 3 months till 5 years.


American Heart Association Severe community-acquired pneumonia in critical care. Sari Pediatri 12, Ram G and Chinen Nature Immunology 12, Sari Pediatri 12, Majalah Kedokteran Indonesia 60, Faktor risiko morbiditas dan mortalitas pneumonia berat pada anak usia balita.


Clin Exp ImmunolSaid M Clin Exp Immunol Mandell LA and Wunderink R The management of community-acquired pneumonia in infants and children older than 3 months of age: Challenges in infant immunity: Ram G and Chinen Accessed October 14, Data was collected from February to May Recurrent respiratory infections in children — definition, diagnostic approach, treatment and prevention.

In addition to causing significant morbidity and mortality, pneumonia is also difficult to diagnose, treatments are less precise and less taken seriously.

bronkopeumonia Bronchitis, Croatia, InTech, p Abstract Pneumonia is an infectious disease that causes acute inflammation of the lung parenchyma and compaction exudate in the lung tissue.

Setyoningrum RA and Setiawati L Cincinnati Children Hospital Medical Center Profile of community acquired pneumonia in children at Soetomo hospital Surabaya in Surveilan pneumokokus dan dampak pneumonia pada anak balita.


References American Heart Association Therefore it is necessary to study the analysis of the use of antibiotics in patients bronkopneumnia pneumonia of children aged 3 months till 5 years.

Health Office, Province of East Java Indonesian Journal of Tropical and Infectious Disease 2, Infection bronkopneimonia immuno-deficiency in down syndrome. Principles of antimicrobial therapy.

Patients who met the inclusion criteria were observed prospectively and the quantity and quality of antibiotics usage assessed with Gyssens category.