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When Brett Kebble was gunned down in his luxury sedan last September, police initially suspected he was the victim of a botched hijacking. But within 24 hours. Barry Sergeant, hard-hitting, bestselling author of Brett Kebble: The Inside Story ( Zebra, ), now tackles the murky world of shady financial. This is the story of the world’s biggest unprosecuted fraud. Barry Sergeant, hard-hitting, bestselling author of Brett Kebble: The Inside Story (Zebra, ), now.

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At the loneliest point of the leafy, fairly well-lit street, with the bird sanctuary on his left, Kebble brought the big Mercedes to a gentle halt and pressed the button to open the window to his right.

Andrew’s School, Bloemfonteininand then went on to the University of Cape Townfrom where he graduated in He and his father Roger had lost their last chance to tsory charges of fraud, conspiracy and insider trading dropped and would now have to go to trial.

Brett Kebble: The Inside Story – Barry Sergeant – Google Books

There was krbble chill in the air, and later that night, it would rain. As he pressed the number of someone awaiting his call in Pretoria, he alone knew the full and shocking truth.

But the consummate crisis was that he could no longer dip into the corporate piggy bank that had funded not only his personal profligacy for more than a decade, but had also financed the flamboyant lifestyles of those he had made rich and almost famous.

Fine wines and fancy cigars 3. In the weeks that followed, sensational headlines laid bare Kebble’s flamboyant lifestyle and unorthodox business deals, feeding frenzied speculation about who killed him, and why. The hands on the expensive timepiece that graced the mantelpiece were nudging 8.

Brett Kebble – The Inside Story (Paperback)

This is a major work that relies on painstaking details and many years of preparation. Read next on IOL. Past imperfect, dtory tense After Kebble’s murder, his family decided to cancel the awards. Onside third was from Pretoria. It was alleged that Agliotti had strong links with organised crime and racketeering.


Your Shopping cart is empty. An autopsy performed onside days after the murder found that the bullets were a rare, ‘low-velocity’ type used by bodyguards and security operatives. True, he was a dangerous man, this Mr X, someone no right-thinking individual would dare to double-cross, but Kebble had been doing dirty business with him since The businessman was shot and killed in an assisted suicide on September 27,at a time when stkry was facing imminent financial ruin, the collapse of his business empire and personal disgrace.

Retrieved from ” https: When Tue Kebble was gunned down in his luxury sedan last September, police initially suspected he was the victim of a botched hijacking. But within six months of his Value is what you get 8. His art collection went under the hammer on 6 May In due course, cellphone records would show that Kebble was at or very near the Melrose Bird Sanctuary, between the Glenhove and Atholl Oaklands off-ramps on the highway from Johannesburg to Pretoria, when that conversation took place.

According to Sergeant, Kebble befriended him after first wanting to sue him in his personal capacity for an unflattering report that Sergeant had written. View links to The Kebble Collusion ebook. The trail would lead from one of the African continent’s oldest and most venerable mining houses to more than shell companies; from the diamond fields of Angola sory the new black elite in democratic South Africa’s upmarket suburbs.

In this title, the author investigates how Kebble maintained a R5-million-a-month lifestyle, despite zero visible income, and how bregt concealed hundreds of millions of rands of corporate debt. Is the information for this product incomplete, wrong or inappropriate?

Kebble book is explosive

Play it again, Brett A bit of a billionaire He knew all too well that there was nothing random about the extremely large and lifeless body slumped behind the steering wheel of the car with Cape Town registration plates. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The headlights pierced the black void through the metal slats. Niside being sacked, he had called on every business associate and underworld operator still willing to give him the time of day, all but begging them for help to raise the five measly million he needed just to meet his immediate obligations.


This is a world of dirty dealings across the upper strata of the socio-political system.

Kebble had advanced his weekly Tuesday commute from Cape Town to Johannesburg for that very purpose, draining one of his last active bank accounts of R on arrival. Fifth horseman of the apocalypse. Contents Fifth horseman srory the apocalypse.

A swine among swine Click here for more information or to buy the book online. Description Details Customer Reviews When Brett Kebble was gunned down in his luxury sedan last September, police initially insive he was the victim of a botched hijacking. Click here for reviews of the book. Top Camps Bay businessmen hired security firm.

A frightening world, where whistle-blowers have to watch their backs. If you add this item to your wish list we will let you know when it becomes available.

Fifth horseman of the apocalypse 2. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Account Options Sign in. Despite the closer range, the gunpowder burns in general were not severe, providing further evidence that the ammunition was of a special “reduced charge”. The first whiff of death Sergeant argues that Investec worked with Kebble, not just stor him the money to build up his mining empire, but by selling the the 5,5 million shares Kebble stole from Randgold.

Click here to visit The Kebble Collusion website. Scam of the century Most Read on IOL. Legal action has since been ongoing to resolve the issue of the missing Randgold Resources shares.