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Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump from Wood Reading Dynamics. presents his do-it-yourself program for increasing reading speed. Generally recognized as one of the best books on the subject is ‘Breakthrough Rapid Reading’ by Peter Kump. Kump was National Director of Education for. As a fast and versatile reader since the early nineties, I own and have read both books, as well as most books in the genre. Peter Kump’s book is much older.

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Paste any text and set the speed, font size, and begin reading. No trivia or quizzes yet. However, its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

This is a good technique to learn, but over time, it’s unnecessary. Jul 20, May Ling rated it really liked it Shelves: After only 2 weeks, and with some tedious measurements, I found I really could force myself to read almost twice as fast. This is a hands on book, and it will require practice for you to increase your own speeds. Essentially, you greakthrough and paste text to the site and it flashes each word in that body of text one-at-a-time for you to read.

I disagree with this because to me the main reason for a fiction book is enjoyment and getting lost in the story.

Feb 04, Talia Colley rated it really liked it Shelves: Refresh and try again. Just an effort to go faster and stay focused. There are no words to express what this book has done for me. I hope this book will help me read faster while still enjoying and comprehending what I read. I do this in class using a classroom computer and projector, but it can be used on tablets and phones too. Pg 23 – I don’t agree you should always use your hand. Obviously not read all the books you want to in one go — but similar.

Speed reading would ruin it for me, wouldn’t it? Breakthrough Rapid Reading 24 Dec Rapid reading has been around for some years now, and many famous people use the system to increase their knowledge, and indeed many achieve their fame because of it. My library copy is going back and I’m going to buy my own copy and have it on hand to teach my kids when they are ready.


Speaking every word to yourself? It’s a great entry, but if you struggle with reading, you may find his way of describing it unapproachable. In other words, the frustration that might occur early on because comprehension is low, is only temporary– if you keep practicing.

It was a really good resource. Imagine being forced to attend ballet classesand you have such a hard time going through the drills and techniques you start hating ball Rating: This book is Dale carnegie’s book on How to win friends and influence people. Instead of hearing yoru voice in yoru head and going slowly and trying to remember and read eveyrhting, now reading to me is just setting a purpose, reading through a text many times and recalling afterwards while writing out what you read and understand.

This method trains you to achieve results, using passages of your choice. Instead of stressing complete comprehension, it stresses quick reading thru of material while active organizing how the material is arranged and structured.

Breakthrough Rapid Reading – Peter Kump – Google Books

Jul 11, Jevgenij rated it it was ok Shelves: Deeply reading any book requires a lot more interaction and hence time. It was fantastic as he pointed out that many of us have several factors that limit our reading speed.

Once you go on the site, you can spreed what they are all about. If reading is utilitarian for you, go for it. The basic tech of the book is moving your fingers, which is not very practical to use on your digital equipment.

This program distills fundamental principles and skills chat can be learned at home with the help of the drills and exercises provided. D It’s a good training program Having said that, speed reading is good when it is just to scan for its ideas. Really helped me pick my reading speed.


Spreeder In the Press

The book chapters and drills seemed to be divided into drills that focus on: Now you can speed read content from 46 file types! But this book pointed out that there are ways to read much faster that can help with both. Not bad for a book about speed reading. breakthroough

Don’t get me wrong: In a heavy day of leisurely reading, I could expect to read about pages of an average book prior to taking this course, now I could easily read a book or two a day. Instead of hearing yoru voice in yoru head and going slowly and trying to remember and Super valuable lesosns and important to understand techniques, well written and explained and the practice exercises, though I didn’t do them, were really well designed. I need to do the drills and get my speed up. Quotes from Breakthrough Rapi Reading is about not being sure if you read it all, atleast at first I think.

What I came to discover, though, is that I don’t want to read fast. This is what the tone of the book felt like: Imagine being forced to attend ballet classesand you have such a hard time going through the drills and techniques you start hating ballet. It’s almost one of those situations in which seeing is believing. Watch anyone’s eyes closely who is reading and you’ll see that this is the case.

However, we spend so much time reading, from emails to studying, that speed reading is too valuable of a skill to ignore completely. Well, depending on your definition, the answer to this question will vary greatly.