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Familia: Viperidae Subfamilia: Crotalinae Genus: Bothrops Species: Bothrops pictus. Name[edit]. Bothrops pictus (Tschudi, ). Genus: Bothrops. Species: pictus. Common Names Desert Lancehead, Roedinger’s Lancehead. Local Names Jergona, Jergon de la Costa, Macanche . Image of Bothrops pictus. Bothrops pictus Unreviewed. Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA ). Etienne Boncourt (Goodshort). Source.

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Bothrops pictus

Retrieved 3 November Renal Damage Insufficient clinical reports to know. Queimada Grande IslandBrazil. Bothrops is a genus of pit vipers bothropw to Central and South America. Zoological Series of Field Museum of Zoology 24 Multiple doses may be required.

Bothrops pictuscommonly known in English as the desert lanceheadis a species of venomous snake in the family Viperidae. Snake species of the world. The Venomous Reptiles of the Western Hemisphere. Central and southeastern Brazil, eastern Paraguay, northeastern Argentina Misiones and likely eastern Bolivia.

This feeding habit probably accounts for their more arboreal lifestyle compared with their mainland cousins. Ventrally, it is yellowish with brown dots or spots. Reptarium The Reptile Database.


Copyright ToxinologyWCH. Bothrops pictus Scientific classification Kingdom: It should not be assumed that pidtus currently knows all there is to know about any species, even for common species. A new genus of pitviper Serpentes: Typical symptoms of bothropic envenomation include immediate burning pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sweating, headache, massive swelling of the bitten extremity, hemorrhagic blebslocal necrosisbleeding from the nose and gums, ecchymosiserythemia, hypotensiontachycardiacoagulopathy with hypofibrinogenemia and thrombocytopeniahematemesismelenaepistaxishematuriaintracerebral hemorrhage and renal failure secondary to hypotension and bilateral cortical necrosis.

Desert Lancehead (Bothrops pictus) ยท

Poisonous Snakes of the World. Habitat Arid to semi-arid foothills, river valleys bothrps rocky regions in desert and deciduous thicket including coastal desert. The bitten limb must not be exercised as muscular contraction will promote systemic absorption of venom.

Unknown but lethal potential cannot be excluded. Most traditional, and many of the more recently fashionable, first aid measures are useless pidtus potentially dangerous. Habits Terrestrial and mainly a nocturnal snake.

WCH Clinical Toxinology Resources

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Myotoxicity No case reports for this species, but related species can cause systemic myolysis.


Antivenom Therapy Antivenom is the key treatment for systemic envenoming. In this regard, the most important species are B. A Taxonomic and Geographic Reference, vol.

Bites will vary from minor to life threatening. Trustees of the British Museum Natural History. However, we cannot access pictys published paper of potential relevance, either because they are not available to us or are in a language we cannot translate internally.

Bothrops Wagler If there is any impairment of vital functions, such as problems with respiration, airway, circulation, heart function, these must be supported as a priority.

All rings or other jewellery on the bitten limb, especially on bothrrops, should be removed, as they may act as tourniquets if oedema develops. This page was last edited on 12 Novemberat James Orton, during his exploration of Peru in