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Cambridge Core – Computing: General Interest – Computability and Logic – by George S. Boolos. but instructors who adopt Computability & Logic as a textbook are hereby authorized to copy and distribute the present Part A. This permission does not extend. Computability and Logic has become a classic because of its accessibility to students without a mathematical background and because it covers not simply the.

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Computability and Logic by George S. Boolos

However, these distinctions are good to know. Computability and Logic has become a classic because of its accessibility to students without a mathematical background and because it covers not simply the staple topics of an intermediate logic course, such as Godel’s incompleteness theorems, but also a large number of optional topics, from Turing’s theory of computability to Ramsey’s theorem.

Lists with This Book. Written for an audience with little more background in Math than the absolute basics of Set Theory probably reading the Enderton book on Set Theory is enough prep for this one, and that’s a very light readit casts a great many interesting theorems in Logic and Computability as so many instances computabliity the non-enumerability of the reals.


We now step to the math side of things.

Book Review: Computability and Logic

Again, this would compuhability been good preliminaries for Model Theoryin which compactness is proved about a paragraph. This chapter is kind of fun, and it’s nice to see an undecidable sentence that doesn’t come from direct self-reference trickery, but you won’t miss much if you skip it. This chapter shows how any recursive function can be expressed as a formula in the language of arithmetic a theory of first-order logic.

The turing machine chapters are decent. Lgoic chapter would have been invaluable a month and a half ago, before I started Model Theory. This chapter introduces Ramsey’s theorem a result in combinatorics and uses it to obtain an undecidable sentence that doesn’t do any overt diagonalization. Sign in Create an account. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Logkc About Computability and Andrew rated it it was amazing Apr 22, This chapter left me a bit unsatisfied. Nov 21, Ben Pace rated it it was amazing Shelves: Computability and Logic, 4th Ed. Chapters also come highly recommended if you want to really understand incompleteness and undecidability.

This is the mechanism by which we will embed arithmetic in itself. Books by George S. I won’t ruin the fun here: It even feels nice — it’s got thick pages, large text, and a number of useful diagrams. Skordev, Computability in Combinatory Spaces.


Computability and Logic

This is the climax of the book. Logci Wilkes rated it liked it Mar 12, As a minor note, this textbook had way more typos than any other textbook I’ve read.

From there, indefinability, undecidability, and incompleteness are just a hop, skip, and jump away. I’m reviewing the books on the MIRI course list. Cook – – Logica Universalis 8 Computability and Logicspecifically.

G. S. Boolos & R. C. Jeffrey, Computability and Logic – PhilPapers

It turns out Turing programs are enumerable as is anything you can write out with symbols from a finite alphabet. Jul 14, Adam rated it it was amazing Shelves: When you realize how much can be enumerated there’s a one-to-one mapping between natural numbers and all finite subsets of the natural numbers!

The logic sections were a pogic refresher, though they were somewhat rudimentary by comparison to Model Theory.